Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: William Cole
Born: 1638 in VA
Married: about 1680 in Isle of Wight Co, VA
Died: 04 MAR 1694 in Isle of Wight Co, VA
Father: William Cole
Mother: Frances
Spouses: >>>; Martha Lear
Wife: Ann Digges
Born: 1658 in VA
Died: 1686 in Isle of Wight Co, VA
Father: Edward Digges, Governor
Mother: Elizabeth Page
Additional Information

William Cole:


!REFERENCE:George Family History. Descendants of Col. John George (1603-1679) of England and Virginia (Two Vols.), by Marvin A. Grant, Jr. © 2006

!WITNESS:25 Apr 1670 Isle of Wight Co, VA Wills & Deeds Book 2-90 Darby STANTLIN, reg 25 Oct 1670. Wife Gulian sick at present time. Friend Matthew WAIKLEY, my wife's son Henry KING (under age). Friends Nicholas COBB& Richard SHARPE. Witness: Nicholas COBB, William COLE, Richard SHARPE. Bequest to son Henry KING acknowledged by Guilian STANTLIN and confirmed by Mathew WAIKLEY, her now husband;

!WITNESS:-- --- 1675 Isle of Wight Co, VA Wills & Deeds Book 1-571 19 Mar 1656 Thomas GREENWOOD, reg 9 Apr 1658. Legacy to kinsman Valentine CHITTY. Grandson Edward GREENWOOD, son Edward GREENWOOD, my wife Elizabeth GREENWOOD. Witness: James PYLAND, James WILLSON. Sale of land patented by Thomas GREENWOOD shows widow married James PYLAND and in 1674 was wife of Thomas EDWARDS. Witness to conveyance: Timothy FENN, John DAVIS, William LEWER. Witness to Delivery: Joseph BRIDGER, William COLE, John GEORGE, Nicholas HILL, Thomas WOODWARD, James POWELL, Nicholas SMITH. 9 Apr 1675;

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