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Gilbert Genealogy - North Carolina, Georgia

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Welcome to my Gilbert genealogy pages. I am interested in the Gilbert surname in North Carolina and north Georgia.

Gilbert was the 243rd most common surname in the United States in 2000. By 2010 it had dropped to 268th.

My most recent Gilbert ancestor is my Great Grandmother, Lilly Bell Gilbert, born 1902 in Union Co., GA. She married Marvin R. Grant in 1920 in Union Co., GA. They moved to neighboring Cherokee Co., NC for a short time, then to Graham Co., NC where they resided a few decades before finally moving to Marietta, Cobb Co., GA where she died in 1983, and he in 1992. I had the privilege of knowing them both. Her parents:

Noah Washington Gilbert was born 1855 in Union Co., GA. He married Ibiline Henderson there in 1881. They remained in Union Co., GA except for a brief period in Cherokee Co., NC where he died 1914. Ibiline died back in Union Co., GA in 1934. His parents:

Joshua Gilbert was born ca 1810 in Chatham Co., NC. He moved with his parents to Burke Co., NC in the 1810s. The area he lived in became Yancey County in 1833. It was shortly after this that he married his first wife, name unknown. They moved to Rutherford Co., NC for a few years, finally moving to Union Co., GA in the mid 1840s. The first Mrs. Joshua Gilbert died ca 1848. Soon afterward he married my ancestor, Mary Stewart. She died in the 1860s. His third wife was Rhoda Russell (widow of William Miller) in 1869. Joshua died between 1880 and 1900, presumably in Union Co., GA. Rhoda died after 1900 in Chattooga Co., GA. Joshua’s parents:

Wilson Gilbert was born ca 1765/1770 in North Carolina, perhaps Cumberland County. He came with his family to Chatham Co., NC by 1772. He married Esther Smith in Chatham ca 1799. They moved westward to Burke Co., NC ca late 1810s. There they remained. The area became Yancey County in 1833. He died there between 1835 and 1840. She died there in 1850.

I do not know who Wilson Gilbert’s parents are for certain. I have a theory, based only on circumstantial evidence, that he is a son of Joseph Gilbert and Sabra Tyson. Joseph was born ca 1740s. He married Sabra Tyson in 1762 in Cumberland Co., NC and moved to Chatham Co., NC by 1772. They were in Moore Co., NC by the 1780s. He died there ca 1787/1790. Sabra was back in Chatham awhile, but seems to have died in Moore County in 1812.

I think that Joseph Gilbert might be a son of Gideon and Mary — Gilbert. Gideon died sometime after 1773 in Chatham Co., NC.

Revised: February 12, 2023

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