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Grant Genealogy - VA, NC, TN and more

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Book: Grant Census Records 1790-1860 NC

Book: A History of the Grant Family of Western NC (2 vols). 2003.

Welcome to my Grant genealogy pages. I am interested in the Grant surname in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. My own ancestors were primarily in western North Carolina, but I am interested in all Grants in the states above to some extent.

As of the 2000 census, Grant was 192nd most popular surname in the United States. Reference: US Census Bureau. By 2010 the name had moved down to 196th most popular. The data from the 2020 census is not yet available.

I was born in Marion Co., SC. My dad, Marvin Alan Grant, was born in Cherokee Co., NC in 1946 in his grandmother’s house. Alan moved around with his parents many times in his youth, so he didn’t grow up in just one place. His parents:

Garland Samuel Grant (1922-2000) and Luella George. Garland was born in Union Co., GA, but raised primarily in Cherokee and Graham Co., NC. His parents:

Marvin Roosevelt Grant (1902-1992) and Lilly Bell Gilbert. Marvin was born on Grassy Branch in Swain Co., NC to an unwed mother. He was primarily raised by his paternal grandparents. They left North Carolina for Union Co., GA ca 1907 and that’s where Marvin grew up, marrying the girl next door in 1920. His parents:

Hattie Thermudas Grant (1879-1953) and Carroll Alonso Patterson. Hattie was born on Grassy Branch in Swain Co., NC. Lon Patterson was the “boy next door.” She had a son with him in 1902. Lon and Hattie didn’t marry. He married Nora Camby in 1907, and had one daughter with her. Hattie married Thomas Joshua Gilbert in 1915 and had five children with him. Since Lon and Hattie were not married, their son Marvin kept his mother’s surname as was the law. He had no personal relationship with his father, though they did meet once not long before Lon died in 1922. They were aware of each other at least. Hattie’s parents:

John Patton Grant (1845-1917) and Darthula Jane Evans. John was born in Macon Co., NC near Cowee Creek and lived there for most of his childhood. The family moved when he was a teenager just a short distance into what was then Jackson Co., NC but is now Swain County. John and Darthula married there in 1868. They later moved a short distance further into Swain County to Grassy Branch where they remained until ca 1907 when they made their final move, to Union Co., GA where both died in 1917. John’s parents:

Thomas B. Grant (c1805-1845) and Mary Miller (c1814-1889). Thomas was born in Rutherford Co., NC, moved to Burke (later Yancey, later Mitchell, now Avery) in the late 1820's, and finally to Macon Co., NC ca 1833 the same year he and Mary married there. He died in 1845 of Typhoid Fever. Mary remained a widow for 16 years before remarrying in 1861. Her 2nd husband John Cargile (c1787-1876) was older than her own father. They had no children together. She and Thomas Grant, however, had six known children. Thomas’s parents:

Andrew Grant (c1760-aft 1825) and Martha Mackey (1755/60-1850). Andrew was born in Virginia and married Martha in 1788 in Rutherford Co., NC. He remained in Rutherford until death ca 1825. His widow and most of their children left Rutherford after his death, many going first to Burke (later Yancey, now Avery) County, North Carolina for a short period, then to Macon Co., NC where Martha died in 1850. Andrew’s parents:

William Grant (c1720s-1795) and Mary ---. William was born in Virginia, or perhaps Scotland. He settled in Tryon (now Rutherford) County, North Carolina ca 1777. He served as a Sergeant during the American Revolution. His parents are unknown.

I am very interested in all Grant families in western North Carolina through the present day. The rest of North Carolina and Tennessee through ca 1900 at least. My interest in Virginia Grant families is primarily pre-1850.

Revised: January 7, 2023

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