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Grant Genealogy - North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee

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Welcome to my Grant genealogy pages. I am interested in the Grant surname in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. My own ancestors were primarily in western North Carolina, but I am interested in all Grants in the states I mentioned to some extent. See list below for details about where I've researched.

Grant Family Pages - Each Grant family has their own web page, complete with all documentation I've found so far.  The link will take you to the surname index. Find the "Grant" surname and click on it and an index of all individuals will be displayed. Or you can use the search engine (to the left) to find a specific family or person.

What's New - Recent updates.

My Ancestry:

  1. William Grant (c1720s-1795) and Mary ---. William was born in Virginia, or perhaps Scotland. He settled in Tryon (now Rutherford) County, North Carolina in ca 1770. He served as a Sergeant during the American Revolution.
  2. Andrew Grant (c1760-aft 1825) and Martha Mackey (1755/60-1850). Andrew was born in Virginia and married Martha in 1788 in Rutherford Co., NC. He remained in Rutherford until death. His widow and most of his children left Rutherford after his death, many going first to Burke (later Yancey) County, North Carolina for a short period, then to Macon Co., NC where Martha died in 1850.
  3. Thomas B. Grant (c1805-1845) and Mary Miller (c1814-1889). Thomas was born in Rutherford Co., NC, moved to Burke (later Yancey) in the late 1820's, and finally to Macon Co., NC ca 1833 the same year he and Mary married there. He died in 1845 of Typhoid Fever. Mary remained a widow for 16 years before remarrying in 1861. Her 2nd husband John Cargile (c1787-1876) was older than her father.
  4. John Patton Grant (1845-1917) and Darthula Jane Evans (1843-1917). John was born in Macon Co., NC and lived there for most of his childhood. The family moved when he was a teenager just a short distance into what was then Jackson Co., NC but is now Swain County. John and Darthula married there in 1868. They later moved a short distance further into Swain County where they remained until ca 1905 when they made their final move, to Union Co., GA where both died in 1917.
  5. Hattie Thermudas Grant (1879-1953) had a child out of wedlock in Swain County in 1902 with her neighbor Carroll Alonso Patterson (1880-1922). Lon married Nora Camby in 1907, and Hattie married Thomas Joshua Gilbert (1884-1981) ca 1915 in Union Co., GA. Hattie and Tom had 5 children together.
  6. Marvin Roosevelt Grant (1902-1992) and Lilly Belle Gilbert (1902-1983). Marvin was born in Swain Co., NC but grew up in Union Co., GA. He married his neighbor Lilly in 1920. They moved to Cherokee Co., NC by 1925 and to Graham Co., NC by 1927 and remained there until the 1950s when they moved to Marietta, Cobb Co., GA and remained there until their deaths.
  7. Garland Samuel Grant (1922-2000) and Luella George (1924-1990). Garland was born in Union Co., GA but grew up primarily in Graham Co., NC. He and Luella married in 1941. They moved around a lot during the next 40 years, living in 50 different places. After Luella's death, Garland married Rosa Lee Byrd (1917-2004), widow of John Curtis Crawford (1912-1961). Garland and Luella are my grandparents.

My older Grant web pages are still online for the time being. They will be removed once I've updated the database to reflect all that is listed on the older pages. That will be a slow process.

Grant Genealogy discussion group for research focussing on North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

What's New?

12 May 2013 - Redesigned the main Grant page (this page).

24 Mar 2013 - Updated Jubal Grant (c1790/1800-1840s) of Wilson Co., TN

23 Mar 2013 - Updated Wilson Grant (1775/94-1820s) of Amelia Co., VA; Powhatan Co., VA; Smith Co., TN; Trousdale Co., TN; Calloway Co., KY; Pope Co., IL and Johnson Co., IL.


Counties included. If a county isn't listed, I have not done any Grant research there. Use the search engine and search for Grant + that county name. New updates may take a few days to appear in search results.

North Carolina: All Counties through 1900, emphasis on western counties.

South Carolnia: All counties through 1860. *I have done very little Grant research in SC so far.

Tennessee: All counties through 1880.

Virginia: All counties through 1850.