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Hensley Genealogy - VA, NC, TN and more

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Book: Hensley Census Records 1810-1880 VA

Book: Hensley Census Records 1820-1880 WV

Hensley, Hensly and Henslee are the most common spellings of this surname, though “Hensly” is no longer as prevalent as it once was. Other variations include Hensleigh, Hensely, Hinsley, etc.

Hansley and Hinesley might be connected as well, or perhaps those are distinctive surnames.

As of the 2000 census, Hensley was 618th most popular surname in the United States. Henslee was 14,503rd most popular, while Hensly barely registered at 127,186th most popular. Reference:

My most recent Hensley ancestor is my 3rd Great grandmother Rachel Burnette Hensley (1829-1909) who married 1st to Lafayette George (1830-1864), 2nd to James C. Cooper (1814-1904). Rachel was born in Monroe Co., TN to:

Samuel Hensley (1801-1852) and Nancy Johnson (1804-1852). Samuel was born in what is now Scott Co., VA, but was part of Washington Co., VA at the time of his birth. He spent some of his youth in Knox Co., TN before moving to Monroe Co., TN in the 1820's. His parents are:

Larkin Hensley (c1765-c1806) and Sarah Childress (c1767-aft 1819). Larkin was born in Buckingham Co., VA, or at least he lived there a number of years. It’s quite possible he was born somewhere else. He left Buckingham for Washington Co., VA in the 1780's and remained there until his death. His widow, Sarah, soon moved over into Sullivan Co., TN and perhaps later to Knox Co., TN. Larkin’s father is:

William Hensley (c1730s-c1807). William’s wife is unknown. William was born somewhere in Virginia, exact county unknown, though perhaps in King George Co., VA.

I suspect that my William is a son of William Hensley (c1706-1777) of Culpeper Co., VA but I can’t prove that. It does fit circumstantially, but due to the loss of early Culpeper and Buckingham records we may never be sure. To carry the line back further, I think that William (1706) is a son of Benjamin (c1680s-c1728) and Elizabeth. That Benjamin is a proven son of Benjamin Hensley (c1650-1700) and Beatrice. We can’t go beyond that first Benjamin.

I am very interested in all Hensley families in America from the 1600's through mid 1800's.

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