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I (Marty Grant) am not related to Benjamin Henslee as far as I know.

This family used the "Henslee" spelling most often, though some records were with the "Hensley" or other spellings. See "Hensley Spellings" for a commentary on this subject.

Benjamin Henslee was born ca 1775/94 per the 1820 census. This is the only record I have for him to base his age on, so I can't narrow it down any better, but I believe he was born after 1786, so likely ca 1786/94, or even ca 1790/94, but I can't prove either of those. He was born in Caswell County, North Carolina.

Benjamin Henslee is a proven child of John Henslee (bef 1755) and Rachel Cantrell, as named in John's Will dated 1816.

Benjamin did not seem to be home his parents for the State Census taken 1786 in Caswell County. His father John Henslee had 3 apparent sons "under 21" with him for that census, though two of them were certainly Mackfield (c1778) and Richard (1775), and the third was most likely Thomas (1780/84). This leaves no room for Benjamin, so probably not born yet.

The 1790 census is lost for Caswell County, but if born already, Benjamin was certainly home with his parents that year.

Benjamin seems to be home with his parents for the 1800 census. He would have been between somewhere between 6 and 25 years old then, so he could be enumerated in either the 16-25 age category (born ca 1774/84). John had two sons 16-25, though I don't think either of those are Benjamin. John had 3 sons "under 10", or born ca 1790/1800. I suspect one of them to be Benjamin, and if so, that would narrow his birth date down to ca 1790/94.

For the 1810 census, Benjamin would be anywhere from 16 and 35 years old. John Henslee had no apparent children in the matching age groups, but he had three apparent sons age 10-15, or born ca 1794/1800, which is probably including Benjamin, though it seems out of sync.

On 4 Jan 1812, Benjamin Henslee obtained a marriage bond in Caswell County to marry Elizabeth Bruce. Elizabeth was born ca 1775/94. I don't know who her parents were.

Soon after their marriage, Benjamin and Elizabeth moved down to Laurens District, South Carolina. I don't know why they may have gone there at that time, but there were Hensleys in that county who had been there for many years, and who are not known to be related. Nor does it seem that Benjamin lived near them when he was there. It may be Elizabeth's family that lured them down there as I noticed there were several Bruces in that county before and after their arrival, though I honestly don't know if they are related to her. Check out the page for Enoch Hensley (c1775) for more on that other Laurens District Hensley family.

In 1813, Benjamin Hinslee purchased 88 acres in Laurens District, South Carolina from Captain John Pugh. Witnesses were George Marchbanks, Gresham Durham. (shared by Laura Schreibman)

Benjamin Henslee was named as a son in his father's Will dated 20 Mar 1816. (Caswell Co, NC Will Book G page 301, shared with me by Laura Schreibman)

In 1816 (or thereabouts) Benjamin Henslee of "Laurence District, SC" sold to Buford Pleasant his right in the land he inherited from his father John Henslee in Caswell County, North Carolina. Witnesses were Nathan Williams and B. Kemp. (Caswell Co, NC Deed Book R page 441, shared with me by Laura Schreibman)

Around 1816 or 1817, Benjamin Hensley sold his 88 acres in Laurens Dist, SC to James Garrott on branches of the Enoree River. Witnesses were John Herring, Edward Scruggs. (Laurens Co, SC Deed Book K page 220, shared with me by Laura Schreibman)

On 24 Jan 1820 Benjamin Henslee purchased 137 acres in Laurens District from Massey Green. Witnesses Clement Massey, Warren Massey and Sion Massey. (Laurens Co, SC Deed Book M page 43, shared with me by Laura Schreibman)

On 12 Jun 1820 Benjamin Henslee sold his 137 acres in Laurens District to William M. Crymes. Witnesses. Thomas Crymes, John Garret. (Laurens Co, SC Deed Book M page 43, shared with me by Laura Schreibman)

Sometime in 1820, Benjamin Henslee moved back to Caswell County.

Benjamin Henslee was listed on the 1820 census in Caswell County. This census was alphabetical, so there is no way to see who his neighbors were.

1820 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1820 Caswell Co, NC pg 63 Benjamin Henslee 300010-10010
1 Male(s) 26-44       (1775-1794)	Benjamin HENSLEE (1775/94) s/o John
3 Male(s) 0-9         (1810-1820)	Son? (1810/20)
					Son? (1810/20)
					Son? (1810/20)
1 Female(s) 26-44     (1775-1794)	Elizabeth BRUCE Henslee, wife
1 Female(s) 0-9       (1810-1820)	Daughter? (1810/20)

I did not find Benjamin Henslee on the 1830 census in Caswell County, nor do I know where he may have moved to. The 1830 census shows several Benjamin's in various states, though I don't know which, if any, of these is the same person.


Benjamin and Elizabeth had four apparent children with them on the 1820 census. Three sons and one daughter all aged "under 10", or born ca 1810/20 (or ca 1812/20 counting their marriage date). None of these are known or even tentatively identified.

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