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Catherine P. Hensley was born ca 1821/22 per her age of 28 on the 1850 census. She was born in Virginia according to the same source, county unknown. I don't know what her "P" initial stands for. It could be for her middle name or perhaps her maiden name, if not a Hensley by birth.

I don't know if she was born a Hensley and was a single mother, or if she was widowed by a yet unidentified Mr. Hensley. If so, her husband died prior to 1850. 

Catherine would have married her Mr. Hensley prior to ca 1842, presumably in Patrick County, Virginia. If she was a single mother instead (or raising an orphaned nephew) then she could be a child of Nathan Hensley (1770/75). He had a female age 15-19 (c1820/25) with him in 1840 in Patrick County. That could be Catherine.

Mr. Hensley appears to have died sometime prior to 1850 for Catherine is listed on the 1850 census in Patrick County as head of household with one young son.

1850 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
Patrick Co., VA
PHF 428B-286-291
North District

Catharine P. Hensley









I examined several of Catherine's neighbors in 1850 and looked for them back in 1840. None of them were listed near any Hensleys in 1840.

I wasn't able to find Catherine or Henry on the 1860 census in Patrick County or elsewhere. I also checked 1870 and didn't find them there either.

Children of Catherine P. Hensley. It appears that she had one son, Henry Hensley.
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First Generation

1. Hensley died before 1850 in Patrick Co, VA.

Hensley married Catherine P before 1842 in Patrick Co, VA. Catherine was born in 1821/1822 in VA. She died after 1850 in Patrick Co, VA.

They had the following children.

  • 2 M i. Henry Hensley was born in 1841/1842 in Patrick Co, VA. He died after 1850 in Patrick Co, VA.


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