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I (Marty Grant) am not related to Franklin Hensley as far as I know.

Franklin Hensley was born ca 1812/13 (per 1850 census) in South Carolina (also per 1850 census). According to his 1880 census entry, Franklin's parents were both born in South Carolina also.

I have no data on who Franklin's parents might be. However, a look at the 1810 census for South Carolina shows there were only Hensleys in three counties that year: Fairfield, Greenville and Laurens. If his birth place of SC is correct, it seems likely that Franklin came from one of those counties, though it is possible he was from some other county. For example, by 1820 there were Hensleys in Abbeville, Greenville, Laurens and Richlands Districts, SC.

Presumably, Franklin Hensley would have been with his parents for the 1820 census. Only Samuel Hensley of Abbeville Dist, SC and Judith Hensley of Greenville Dist, SC had an apparent son his age as of 1820. It is possible that one of these two is his family, though it is possible that he no longer lived in SC by 1820, but was already in TN by then.

There is a "Frances Hensley" listed on the 1830 census index for Edgefield District, SC, but it would appear to be a female "Frances", perhaps a widow, and not this same person. (Sometimes "Francis" is used instead of "Franklin"). However, she did have an apparent son (or brother) Franklin's age.

Franklin Hensley moved to Bedford Co, TN sometime, presumably in the 1830's. He was there in time for the 1840 census.

Franklin Hensley married Nancy --- sometime prior to 1834, possibly in Bedford Co, TN. Nancy was born ca 1815/16 in TN, county not known. I don't know her maiden name.

Franklin Hensley was listed on the 1840 census in Bedford Co, TN, in fact, he was the only Hensley listed there that year.

1840 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1840 Bedford Co, TN pg 7 Franklin Hensely 2000100000000-1000100000000
1 Male(s) 20-29        (1810-1820)	Franklin HENSLEY (1812/13) s/o ?
2 Male(s) 0-4          (1835-1840)	John HENSLEY (1835/36) son
					Thomas W. HENSLEY (1837/38) son
1 Female(s) 20-29      (1810-1820)	Nancy () Hensley (1815/16) wife
1 Female(s) 0-4        (1835-1840)	Mary Jane HENSLEY (1834/35) daughter

Franklin and family were listed in Bedford for the 1850 census, in the 3rd Civil District. They were not the only Hensleys listed this year, as Harris Hensley (c1820) and Orville Hensley (c1823) and Thomas Hensley (c1825) were all listed there as well. Those three are likely brothers to each other (See Harris' page for more on all of them). They could be brothers to Franklin as well, but that is not proven, but it does seem likely based on circumstantial evidence. Those three were in the 4th Civil District of Bedford County. Also listed in Bedford in 1850 was Anthony Hensley (c1791) in the 20th Civil District; No known relation.

1850 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1850 BEDFORD CO, TN Page 103   House/Family #   89/  89  - 3rd Civil District Twp

HENSLEY FRANKLIN      37 M W                            SC                   1812/1813
HENSLEY NANCY         34 F W                            TN                   1815/1816
HENSLEY MARY JANE     15 F W                            TN                   1834/1835
HENSLEY JOHN          14 M W                            TN                   1835/1836
HENSLEY THOMAS W      12 M W                            TN                   1837/1838
HENSLEY MARTHA         9 F W                            TN                   1840/1841
HENSLEY CLOY           7 F W                            TN                   1842/1843
HENSLEY ORVILL         6 M W                            TN                   1843/1844
HENSLEY WILLIAM        4 F W                            TN                   1845/1846
HENSLEY ROBERT H       1 M W                            TN                   1848/1849

Franklin Hensley was listed on the 1860 census index for Bedford County, Tennessee. ** I don't have this entry typed up yet.

** I don't have him in 1870, but presumably they were still in Bedford County.

Franklin and Nancy and family were still in Bedford for the 1880 census, in District 4, just 2 houses from Orville Hensley (c1823), probable brother. ** I don't have this entry typed up yet.

I have no additional data (yet) for this family.


Franklin and Nancy had several children with them in 1850. I have not followed up on any of them yet.

Register Report

1. Franklin1 Hensley , born 1812/13 in SC; died aft 1880 in Bedford Co, TN, son of (---) Hensley  and ? (---) .  He married bef 1834 in Bedford Co, TN Nancy (---) , born 1815/16 in TN; died aft 1880 in Bedford Co, TN.


      Children of Franklin Hensley and Nancy (---) were as follows:

      2          i           Mary Jane2 Hensley , born 1834/35 in Bedford Co, TN.

      3          ii           John2 Hensley , born 1835/36 in Bedford Co, TN.

      4          iii          Thomas W2 Hensley , born 1837/38 in Bedford Co, TN.

      5          iv          Martha2 Hensley , born 1840/41 in Bedford Co, TN.

      6          v          Clara2 Hensley , born 1842/43 in Bedford Co, TN.  She married on 29 Mar 1866 in Bedford Co, TN John Woods , born 1833/34 in TN.

+    7          vi          Orville2 Hensley , born 1843/44 in Bedford Co, TN.  He married Mary E Hainey .

      8          vii         William2 Hensley , born 1845/46 in Bedford Co, TN.

      9          viii        Robert H2 Hensley , born 1848/49 in Bedford Co, TN.


Generation 2


7. Orville2 Hensley  (Franklin1), born 1843/44 in Bedford Co, TN.  He married on 7 Aug 1866 in Bedford Co, TN Mary E Hainey , born 1844/45 in TN.


      Children of Orville Hensley and Mary E Hainey were as follows:

      10         i           Mattie B3 Hensley , born 1867/68 in Bedford Co, TN.

      11         ii           Charles3 Hensley , born 1869/70 in Bedford Co, TN.

      12         iii          James3 Hensley , born 1871/72 in Bedford Co, TN. Home > Genealogy > Hensley > Families > Franklin