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Nancy Hensley was born ca 1775/1794 per her age on the 1820 census of 26-44.

I don't know if Nancy was born a Hensley or if she was widowed by a yet unidentified Mr. Hensley. If so, her husband died prior to 1820.

At this time I only have one record for Nancy, and that is the 1820 census. I did not find her on the later census records and there are no earlier ones extant for Patrick County.

She is on the 1820 census in Patrick Co., VA. She is indexed by as Nancy Hunley. I have examined the original record and I'm reasonably certain it says Hensley, but there is room for alternate interpretations. She is listed between the households of Aaron Bowman and Thomas Beasley.

1820 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1820 Patrick Co., VA page 124 Nancy Hensley 000000-00110
1 Female 26-44	(1775/1794)	Nancy Hensley (1775/94)
1 female 16-25	(1794/1804)	Daughter? Sister?
0 Slaves

As noted, the 1820 census is the only record I have for her at present. I did not find her in Patrick County in 1830, 1840 or 1850.

Children of Nancy Hensley. I do not know if she ever had any children. There was a female aged 16-25 (c1794/1804) with her in 1820. That could be a daughter.
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