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A note about sources

Phebe Hensley was a single mother with several Hensley children when she married her 2nd husband Kinney McKinney in 1797. In his will dated 1802 (Henry Co, VA) he named 4 of her children: Jean, Lewis, John, and Patsy. Of these, Jean, John and Patsy all married in the 1805-1813 timeframe. Lewis Hensley died in the War of 1812, and his siblings were listed as his heirs, those same documents refer to them as being illegitimate children, with their mother dead. Since she named one of her children Lewis, that may indicate that she is related to the older Lewis Hensley (c1740/50) of Henry Co, VA. He could be her father, or older brother. I'd guess he was her father, but no proof so far.

Lewis Hensley (son of Phebe) died in the War of 1812. John Hensley remained in Henry Co, VA until the 1830's when he moved to Barren Co, KY. He was listed in 1840 and 1850 Barren Co, KY census. In 1860 he was listed in Metcalfe Co, KY which was formed that same year from part of Barren County.

John Hensley son of Phebe, married Nancy Salmon in 1812 in Henry Co, VA. They were listed on the 1820 and 1830 Henry Co, VA census. By 1840 they had moved to Barren Co, KY. They were listed there in 1840 and 1850 census. They apparently lived in the eastern part of Barren County, that became Metcalf Co, KY in 1860. They were listed in Metcalf Co, KY census in 1860. I don't have absolute proof that John and Nancy of Henry Co, VA are the same people as John and Nancy of Barren / Metcalf Co, KY but they are a perfect fit, and I'm confident they are the same. By the time of the 1850 census, several of John's sons were married already or living in other households. Edmund (c1817) and John W. (c1820) were already married, and Burwell (c1828) was single, but with another family. I'm sure all three are sons of John and Nancy, since they were all born in VA and lived nearby. I have no absolute proof though that they are his sons.

Persons researching this family:

1. Phebe1 HENSLEY [12948], died bef 1821 in Henry Co, VA She married (1) in Not married ? (---) [12949]; (2) on 19 Oct 1797 in Henry Co, VA Kinney MCKINNEY [12947], died 1802 in Henry Co, VA.

Children of Phebe HENSLEY and ? (---) were as follows:

Generation 2

6. John2 HENSLEY [12952] (Phebe1 Hensley), born 1789/90 in Henry Co, VA; died aft 1860 in Metcalfe Co, KY. He married on 29 Mar 1812 in Henry Co, VA Nancy SALMON [12955], born 1793/94 in Henry Co, VA; died aft 1860 in Metcalfe Co, KY.

Children of John HENSLEY and Nancy SALMON were as follows:

Generation 3

8. Edmund3 HENSLEY [13486] (John2, Phebe1 Hensley), born 1816/17 in Henry Co, VA. He married in 1840/43 in Barren Co, KY Martha (---) [13487], born 1823/24 in KY.

Children of Edmund HENSLEY and Martha (---) were as follows:

10. John W3 HENSLEY [13493] (John2, Phebe1 Hensley), born 1819/20 in Henry Co, VA. He married in 1840/50 in Barren Co, KY Martha Ann (---) [13494], born 1827/28 in KY.

Children of John W HENSLEY and Martha Ann (---) were as follows:

12. Joseph3 HENSLEY [13480] (John2, Phebe1 Hensley), born 1826/27 in Henry Co, VA. He married in 1850/55 in Barren Co, KY Mary J (---) [13501], born 1834/35 in KY.

Children of Joseph HENSLEY and Mary J (---) were as follows: Home > Genealogy > Hensley > Families > Phoebe