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The author (Marty Grant) is not related to Samuel Hensley as far as can be proven. There is certainly a possibility that he is an ancestor of my ancestor Larkin Hensley (c1761-1806), or somehow related to him.

I refer to this man as Samuel Hensley (3) in an attempt to distinguish him from the several other Samuels, as he is the third of this name in Virginia that I'm aware of. See the analysis page for the various early Samuel Hensleys of Virginia.

There is the possibility that Samuel Hensley (3) is actually the same person as Samuel Hensley (2) (c1706-1765) who lived in neighboring Spotsylvania County. I don't know if that is the case though. For now I'll assume they are two different people.

Special thanks to Laura Schreibman for data shared on this family.

Samuel Hensley was born before ca 1724 based on his first public record being dated 1745, and assuming he was at least 21 then. (He could have been a little older or a little younger.)   He was probably born in King George Co., VA, if he is part of the family I think he is.

The few records found for Samuel show him associated with Benjamin Hensley (4) of Louisa Co., VA. Samuel could be a son of Benjamin (4) or a younger brother. They are certainly closely related.

Samuel's parents are unknown, but I have him listed as a son of Benjamin Hensley (3). My prime reason for this is his association with Benjamin (4) who I think is a son of Benjamin (3). Lots of unproven connections here.

In 1742 Louisa County was formed from the western half of Hanover County. Samuel was in this county at this time or shortly thereafter.

On 23 Apr 1745 Richard Hammack made a motion in court for road work to be done. Those ordered to do the work were Benjamin Hensly, John Hensley, George Davis, Gideon Carr, Timothy Moony, Stephen English, John Moony, John Hammack, Charles Smith, John Maccaulay, Joseph Martin, Samuel Hensley, William Maib, Richard Davis, John Wilmer, James Hoderurds, John Wood and John Dowell. The road was to be cleared from Richard Hammack's Plantation to Ambrose Smith's. These men listed here would all be neighbors and live in that region where the road was.

From the above road order it is clear that John, Samuel and Benjamin all lived in the same area and are probably closely related to one another.

On 13 Feb 1767 John Washer and wife Elizabeth of St. Martin's Parish, Louisa Co., VA sold 86 acres to Benjamin Henslee of same place. The land a plantation on branches of Locust Creek. Witnesses were John Henslee, Mary (X) Landers and Samuel (X) Henslee.

This (1767) is the last record I have for Samuel Hensley currently. He may have died around then, or perhaps moved out of the area. More research is needed.

There are a couple of other Samuel Hensleys in Virginia after this that might be this same man. It is impossible to be sure.

There is Samuel Hensley (4) of Bedford Co., VA. He could be this same Samuel.

Children: I have found no record (so far) showing who Samuel Hensley may have married, nor who any of his children might be.

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