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The author (Marty Grant) is not related to Trent Hensley as far as can be determined. He did live in the same county (Monroe Co., TN) as my ancestor Samuel Hensley (1801-1852).

Trent Hensley was born ca 1770-1780 per his age on the 1830 census (aged 50-59). That is the only record of his age I have to go on. He was listed on a tax list in 1812, so that suggests he was at least 21 then, or born before ca 1791.

I don't know where Trent Hensley was born though I'd guess in Virginia or North Carolina (with Virginia being my first choice.)

I have not identified Trent's parents nor do I have any strong suspects. I do think he is closely related to Temple Hensley (1760/70) for they were found in the same places (Hawkins and Monroe Co., TN), and they also both have unusual names. Temple came out of Washington and Scott County Virginia originally, so I strongly suspect that Trent did as well. These two counties border Hawkins County, Tennessee where Trent and Temple also lived.

Trent Hensley was not listed on the 1790 or 1800 census. Unfortunately these censuses are lost for both Tennessee and Virginia.

Trent Hensley was listed on the 1809 tax list for Hawkins Co, TN (per research of Ruthe Muench).

I was unable to find Trent Hensley on the 1810 census. It is lost for 99% of Tennessee, and quite a few counties in Virginia are also missing. His possible brother Temple Hensley was in Hawkins Co., TN in 1809, so perhaps that is where Trent was as well.

He was certainly there in Hawkins by 1812 for he was listed on a tax list there that year as "Trent Hensley."

The 1820 census is lost for east Tennessee including Hawkins County.

Trent Hensley was listed on the 1830 census in Monroe Co, TN. There were several other Hensleys in that county then too. The closest to him was Temple Hensley on the next page. Though they were on different pages they were only eight households apart.

1830 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1830 Monroe Co, TN pg 143 Trent Hensly 0020000100000-0110001000000
1 Male(s) 50-59        (1770-1780)	Trent HENSLEY (1770/80)
2 Male(s) 10-14        (1815-1820)	Son? (1815/20)
					Son? (1815/20)
1 Female(s) 40-49      (1780-1790)	Wife? (1780/90)
1 Female(s) 10-14      (1815-1820)	Daughter? (1815/20)
1 Female(s) 5-9        (1820-1825)	Daughter? (1820/25)

I was unable to find Trent Hensley on the 1840 census in Tennessee, or elsewhere. He may have died in the 1830's in Monroe County or somewhere else.

I have found no record showing who Trent Hensley's wife was. There is a widow Elizabeth Hensley (1765) in Grainger and Jefferson County, Tennessee after 1830 who could be the one, though her age isn't a good match with Trent's 1830 census entry.

Children of Trent Hensley. The 1830 census seems to show four children for Trent Hensley. None of these have been identified. They were with him then, and nothing else is known of them. I would assume that they were all born in Hawkins County, Tennessee. I don't know where any of them wound up after 1830.

Unknown Son (1815/20)

Unknown Son (1815/20)

Unknown Daughter (1815/20)

Unknown Daughter (1820/25)

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