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Miller Genealogy - Western NC

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Welcome to my Miller genealogy pages. I am interested in the Miller surname in several western North Carolina counties.

Miller was the 6th most common surname in the United States in 2000. By 2010 it had dropped all the way to the 7th most common!

I have three different Miller lines. They were each of Germanic origin, first settling in Pennsylvania in the early or mid 1700s, then to North Carolina by the late 1700s.

Line I - Lincoln, Buncombe and Macon Co., NC.

Line II - Rowan (now Davidson) and Ashe Co., NC.

Line III - Rowan, Surry and Yadkin Co., NC.

Line I - My four times great grandmother, Mary “Polly” Miller, was born ca 1814 in Buncombe Co., NC. She came with her parents to Macon Co., NC in the late 1820s and married Thomas B. Grant there in 1833. Thomas died in 1845. Mary married John Cargile in 1861. Mary’s parents:

Joseph Miller was born in 1790 in Lincoln Co., NC. He moved with his parents to Buncombe County before 1800. He married Sarah Cox there ca 1810. They moved to Macon Co., NC in the 1820s. They had 12 children. After Sarah’s death ca 1835, he married Susan Tabitha Grant (a niece of Thomas B. Grant above) and had eight more children with her for a total of 20. Joseph died in Macon in 1880. Joseph’s parents:

John Miller (originally Johannes Muller) was born before 1755, probably in Pennsylvania. He married Mary Cross ca 1779 in PA, then came to Lincoln Co., NC by 1785. They remained there until the 1790s when they moved to Buncombe Co., NC. He died in Buncombe ca 1819. She died in Macon Co., NC in 1843. They had at least seven children, the oldest two born in PA, the rest in NC. John’s parents are not yet known.

Line II - My four times great grandmother, Susanna Miller, was born 1808 in Ashe Co., NC. She married Jacob Davis in 1825 in Ashe. They briefly went to Burke (later Yancey, later Mitchell, now Avery) where he was from, but then returned to Ashe and remained there just over a decade. They moved to Cades Cove in Blount Co., TN ca 1838 and remained there until the late 1840s when they moved into Cherokee (now Graham) Co., NC where they remained until death, his in 1873, hers in 1895. They had 12 children. Susanna’s parents:

Jonathan Miller was born 1776 in Rowan (now Davidson) Co., NC. He moved to Ashe Co., NC ca 1800 and married Margaret Carpenter there around that same year. They remained in Ashe the rest of their lives, him dying there in 1854, and she in 1865. They had 11 children. Jonathan’s parents:

John Miller was born 1726 in Pennsylvania, probably a child of recent immigrants. He married Maria Magdelena Faber in 1749 in Pennsylvania. They moved to Rowan Co., NC in the 1760s, I believe. They remained there until their deaths, him in 1780, her in 1813. They had 13 children. They were of the Moravian faith. John’s parents are unknown, though new research by others may have some promising leads on that (2022).

Line III - My third Miller line begins with my six times great grandmother, Elizabeth Miller, born ca 1750/55 either in Bucks Co., PA or Rowan (later Surry, now Yadkin) Co., NC. She was either born in NC or came with her parents to NC while still very young. They settled in the Upper Yadkin River in what was then Rowan County, but soon became Surry and is now Yadkin Co., NC. She married Matthias Carpenter there ca 1770. They remained in that area until the early 1790s when they moved to Ashe Co., NC (then still part of Wilkes County). They remained in Ashe until their deaths in 1835. Elizabeth’s parents:

Christian Miller was born ca 1720, either in Germany or Pennsylvania. He was in Bucks Co., PA early on. He married Veronica (—) before ca 1749. They were in Rowan Co., NC by the early 1760s’. This area became Surry and later Yadkin County. She died there ca 1784/85, and he in 1795. They had four known children. Christian's parents are unknown.

Revised: January 11, 2023

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