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Morris Genealogy - Western NC and Monmouth Co., NJ

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Welcome to my Morris genealogy pages. I am interested in the Morris surname in Western North Carolina, primarily Lincoln and Rutherford County, and also in Monmouth Co., NJ.

Morris was the 56th most common surname in the United States in 2000. By 2010 it had dropped to 62nd.

My most recent Morris ancestor is my seven times great grandmother, Margaret Morris (1732-1799) who married John Cox in Monmouth Co., NJ. They remained there until ca 1782 when they moved to Lincoln Co., NC where both died. Her parents are unidentified, but a persistent rumor is that she’s a sister of Robert Morris (1734-1806), the famed financier of the American Revolution. They are certainly age compatible to be siblings, but I’ve seen no evidence that they’re related. It’s my opinion that It’s more likely she’s related to Richard Morris (d 1763) for he was in Monmouth and associated with some of the same people the Cox family was. He isn’t her father, but could be an older sibling or an uncle. More research is needed in Monmouth.

I *might* have a second Morris line, but this one is far from proven. My ancestor, William Grant (c1720s-1795) lived in Virginia, then moved to Rutherford Co., NC ca 1777 where he died. His wife was Mary, maiden name unknown. There is a theory that she was a Morris as the two families were closely associated. However, there’s no real proof that Morris is her maiden name. However, it’s certainly worth considering. Since she might be a Morris, and since the Grants and Morris’s of Rutherford Co., NC are heavily intermarried, I am very interested in the Morris families of Western NC.

I don’t think it’s likely that my Rutherford Co., NC Morris family is connected to my Monmouth Co., NJ Morris family, but it is certainly possible.

Revised: January 14, 2023

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