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Naill Genealogy - Western NC

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Welcome to my Naill genealogy pages. I am interested in the Nail / Naill / Neal surname in Western NC only. That area of interest may expand once I’ve learned more about my Nail ancestors. As of now I know very little.

Neither Nail or Naill rank among the top 1000 surnames in the United States. However, Neal, a variant, was the 333rd most common in 2000, and 337th in 2010.

My most recent Nail ancestor is my six times great grandmother, Agnes alias Nancy Naill or Nail (lots of variations!). She married Andrew Bryson in 1783 in Rowan (now Iredell) Co., NC. James Naill was the bondsman. He was almost certainly a close relative, though whether her father, uncle or brother, is yet unknown. Andrew and Agnes moved to Pendleton Dist., SC ca 1789/90. Agnes died in 1796 either in SC or after the family moved into what was then Buncombe Co., NC.

I believe that Agnes is a daughter of James Naill, but that isn’t completely proven.

As of now (January 29, 2023), I’ve barely researched the Nail family, so I have very little information on them.

The Nail/Naill surname is generally of English, Irish or Scottish origin. The Germanic surname Nagel has been Anglicized to Nail/Naill in some cases. Neil / Neill is a variation of the same surnames, often shortened from McNeil/McNeill or O’Neil/O’Neill. All those variations leave many avenues for research.

Revised: January 29, 2023

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