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Stroud Genealogy - Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee

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Welcome to my Stroud genealogy pages. I am interested in the Stroud (and Strowd) surname in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, and elsewhere to some extent.

Neither Stroud, Strowd nor Strode ranked among the top 1000 common surname in the United States in either 2000 or 2010.

My most recent Stroud ancestor is my 4 times Great Grandmother, Susannah Stroud, born ca 1805/06 in Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC. She married John Tanner (c1802-aft 1880) ca 1824 in Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC. They resided in Burke for a couple of years, then moved to Macon Co., NC by 1830, then to Union (now Towns) Co., GA between 1835 and 1840. Susannah died in the 1860s in Towns Co., GA. Her parents are not proven. For many years I was convinced she was a daughter of Peter Stroud Jr and Margaret Curtis, but now I’m equally convinced that is incorrect. It seems more likely, but unproven, that she is a child of Peter’s brother:

David Stroud was born ca 1777 in Orange Co., NC, a proven son of Peter Stroud (Sr) and Naomi. David married someone still unidentified before ca 1805 in Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC. They resided in Burke (now McDowell) through the 1810s when they moved to neighboring Buncombe Co., NC in the area that later became Yancey County (1833). His first wife died in that area, we believe, in the 1830s. He married a widow Sarah Taylor ca 1832 in Smith Co., TN where they resided briefly, but then returned to NC for a short time, then back to TN where they lived in Dekalb County by 1839. David died in Dekalb in 1859. His 2nd wife Sarah died around the same time as their estates were settled together. David Stroud is a proven son of:

Peter Stroud (Sr) was likely born in the 1730s in Virginia, perhaps Brunswick County. His parents moved from Brunswick to neighboring Granville Co., NC in the 1740s, then to Orange Co., NC by the late 1750s. Peter married Naomi, maiden name unknown, ca 1760, presumably in Orange Co., NC. They had eleven children together, probably all born in Orange. She died before ca 1789, either in Orange or after the family moved to Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC. Peter Stroud married 2nd to Rebecca, maiden name unknown, ca 1789, presumably in Burke Co., NC. He had four or more children with her. I don’t know when she died, but he was married to Elizabeth, maiden name unknown, by 1821. Peter Stroud died in Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC in 1827. He left a Will which fortunately survived the destruction of most of the early Burke County records, so we have proof for his children. Peter is a son of:

William Stroud was born ca 1700, perhaps in Prince George Co., VA. He married Margaret Rose (maiden name not certain), before 1726, in Virginia. They were in Brunswick Co., VA in the 1740s and Granville Counties, NC in the 1750s, and Orange Co., NC by the 1760s. He was in Chatham Co., NC a short while, then to Lincoln Co., NC by 1783 where he may have died. William’s father was:

John Stroud was born ca 1670s in Virginia. He resided in Prince George Co., VA from at least 1711 through his death in 1737. His wife was Hannah, maiden name unknown.

More research is needed to properly prove my Susannah Stroud Tanner’s connection to David Stroud. DNA evidence shows she is part of the same Stroud family, but don’t necessarily prove that her father was David.

Revised: February 11, 2024

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