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Stroud Genealogy - Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee

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Welcome to my Stroud genealogy pages. I am interested in the Stroud surname in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. My own ancestors were primarily in western North Carolina and north Georgia, but I am interested in all Strouds in the states I mentioned to some extent. See list below for details about where I've researched.

Stroud Family Pages - Each Stroud family has their own web page, complete with all documentation I've found so far.  The link will take you to the surname index. Find the "Stroud" surname and click on it and an index of all individuals will be displayed. Or you can use the search engine (to the left) to find a specific family or person.

What's New - Recent updates.

My Ancestry:

  1. John Stroud (died ca 1737) and wife Hannah (died after 1739) of Prince George Co., VA.
  2. William Stroud (c1700-c1783) and wife Margaret (Rose?) of Brunswick Co., VA; Granville Co., NC; Orange Co., NC; Chatham Co., NC and Lincoln Co., NC. * William is not a proven son of John as far as I'm aware. Connection is speculative and circumstantial.
  3. Peter Stroud (Sr) (c1737-1827) and wife Naomi --- of Orange Co., NC and Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC. Peter is a proven son of William.
  4. Missing Generation in my lineage: Either David Stroud (c1777-1859) and unknown wife of Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC and Buncombe (now Madison) Co., NC and Dekalb Co., TN. OR Peter Stroud (Jr) (1765-1834) and Margaret Curtis, of Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC. I lean toward David Stroud based on the scanty evidence available. Both Peter Jr and David Stroud are proven sons of Peter Stroud Sr.
  5. Susanna Stroud (c1806-1860s) and John Tanner of Burke (now McDowell) Co., NC; Macon Co., NC and Union (now Towns) Co., GA. John and Susanna are my 4 times great grandparents. Susanna's maiden name is proven Stroud, but her parents are unproven. As noted above, I think she's probably David Stroud's daughter. If not, then she may be a daughter of Peter Stroud Jr, but *only* if she's the same daughter who married John Garrett before 1834.  Garrett murdered Peter Stroud Jr in 1834 and we don't know what happened to him after that. He was probably hung for it if found guilty. We haven't discovered his wife's name yet.

My older Stroud web pages are still online for the time being. They will be removed once I've updated the database to reflect all that is listed on the older pages. That will be a slow process.

What's New?

21 Aug 2017 - Redesigned the main Stroud page (this page).

21 Aug 2017 - Made numerous and significant changes to the Peter Stroud family.


Counties included. If a county isn't listed, I have not done any Stroud research there. Use the search engine and search for Stroud + that county name. New updates may take a few days to appear in search results.

North Carolina: All Counties through 1900, emphasis on western counties.

Georgia: All counties through 1850. North Georgia counties through 1900.

Tennessee: All counties through 1880.

Virginia: All counties through 1800.