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I don't know how I'm related to Ann Turner, but she is probably a cousin.

Ann Turner was born ca 1819/20 per her age on the 1850 census (30). She was born in Marion Dist., SC. I don't know who her parents were. Nor do I know if she was born a Turner and became a single mother, or if she married a Turner and was widowed early in life. Based on the only evidence I have (the 1850 census), I can't say one way or another, but I'll assume she was a widow for now.

Ann married a Mr. Turner sometime before ca 1843 in Marion Dist., SC. I have no clue who he was, but it is clear that he (or she) is part of the John and Patience Smith Turner family, as they lived in that same region, but I don't know how they connect.

Mr. Turner died between ca 1846 and 1850 for Ann was listed on the 1850 census as head of household, an apparent widow. Penny Turner (c1841) was 12 households away, relationship unknown. No other Turners were nearby. She was next door to James Tart and wife Julie Ann Smith, no known relationship. Based on an analysis of her various neighbors, I'd say she was within the area of modern Kirby Township (now Dillon County), probably somewhere on the west or south side of Catfish Creek : # 1148/1153 Ann Turner, 30 born Marion; Robert 7; Joel 4.

I wasn't able to find Ann or her sons Robert or Joel on the 1860 census. Lydia Turner, widow of John Turner (1765) was listed in 1860 with a daughter Ann at home who is close in age to this Ann. It is entirely possible the two Anns are the same person, for neither Lydia nor her daughter Ann are listed on the 1850 census at all. Lydia's daughter Ann quite a few children, all seemingly born out of wedlock. The oldest one at home in 1860 was Joseph age 12. That roughly correlates to this Ann's son Joel who should have been about 14 then. Are they the same? Could be, but I'm not at all certain.

I wasn't able to find Ann on the 1870 census (not this Ann, nor Lydia's daughter). I found Joel Turner in 1870 living in Wahee Township of Marion Co., SC with the Polly Moore family. No sign of Ann or Robert in 1870, nor in 1880.

Children of Ann Turner. Ann Turner had two children with her on the 1850 census.

  1. Robert Turner (c1843)

  2. Joel Turner (c1846)

Robert Turner was born ca 1842/43 per his age on the 1850 census (7). He was home with his mother Ann for that census ("Robert" age 7). I have found no further record of him. He wasn't in Marion or elsewhere for the 1860 census, nor in 1870.
Joel Turner was born ca 1845/46 per his age on the 1850 census (4). He was born April 1848 if he is the same person I found on the 1900 census, but I'm not sure of that.

He may have been named for Joel H. Turner (c1825), relationship unknown.

He was with his mother for the 1850 census ("Joel" age 4). I couldn't find him in 1860.

He is listed on the 1870 census in Marion Co., SC in Wahee Township, the only Turner in that township. He is living with a Moore family: Wahee township, # 85/85 Polly Moore, 60 Keeping House, SC; Allen 18 Farm Laborer; James 14 Farm Laborer; Mary 18 Farm Laborer; Robert 12 Farm Laborer; Joel Turner 21 Farm Laborer.

Why was Joel with the Moore family? Are they related? Was he a hired hand instead? Mary Herring was born ca 1821/22 in Marion Dist., SC, daughter of Edmund Herring and Jane Thomas. Mary married Robert Moore in the 1830's or 1840's. He was born ca 1819/20 in Georgia (both per 1850 census) or in South Carolina (per 1860 census). In 1850 they were in Marion District, but not listed near any Turners (though a Hussey was two houses away, related to the Turners). In 1860 the Moores were in Marion, again not listed near any Turners. Robert died in the 1860's, and Mary and children was in Wahee in 1870. It appears there are no known connections between them and the Turners before then. Sometime just after 1870 one of Mary's daughters (Mary Jane) married James Turner (1857) son of Robert Turner (c1832), so perhaps Joel's presence in 1870 established the connection if there was none earlier.

I didn't find Joel Turner listed on the 1880 census in Marion County or elsewhere.

I didn't find him in 1900 either, unless he is the J. H. Turner listed in Wahee township with another family. That could be him, but I'm not certain: Wahee Township # 227/228 Hagar Thomas, head, black, female, Jun 1854, 45, married 9 years, 3 children born, 3 living SC-SC-SC, Laborer; Flory, daughter, black, May 1890, 10; George son, black, Sep 1893 6; Nellie daughter, black, April 1898 2; J. H. Turner, Boarder, black, April 1848, 52, single, SC-SC-SC, Minister.

If that is him in 1900, then he was a Minister by then. If it is him, it also shows "H" to be his middle initial, which makes sense for the older Joel H. Turner (c1825) was also so named, and may be the namesake for the younger one.

I wasn't able to find Joel Turner (or J. H. Turner) on the 1910 census in Marion Co., SC or anywhere else. I was also unable to find him in 1920 or 1930.

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First Generation

1.     Turner died in 1845/1850 in Marion Dist, SC.

Turner married Ann in 1840/1843 in Marion Dist, SC. Ann was born in 1819/1820 in Marion Dist, SC. She died after 1850 in Marion Dist, SC.

They had the following children.

                2    M         i.    Robert Turner was born in 1842/1843 in Marion Dist, SC. He died after 1850 in Marion Dist, SC.

                3    M        ii.    Joel H Turner was born in Apr 1848 in Marion Dist, SC. He died after 1900 in Marion Co, SC. Home > Genealogy > Turner > Families > Ann