Turner Genealogy - Marion Co., SC


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Turner Families of Marion Co., SC

I've removed most of my hand made family web pages and moved my data to an online database. It is now much easier to keep it up to date and to add new information. Click here to access the new database.

A few of my older pages remain, pending transfer to the new database.

Darlington County, SC (1785 from Cheraws) Dillon County, SC (1910 from Marion)

 Florence County, SC (1888 from Marion, Darlington, Clarendon, Williamsburg)

Georgetown County, SC (1769 Original District) Horry County, SC (1801 from Georgetown) Marion County, SC (1798/1800 from Georgetown) Marlboro County, SC (1785 from Cheraws) Williamsburg County, SC (1804 from Georgetown)