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I (Marty Grant) don't know how (or if) I'm related to the Benjamin Turner family, but I am very interested in him though.

I have practically no information on Benjamin Turner. There were two Benjamin Turner's listed on the 1790 census in Prince Frederick Parish, Georgetown District, South Carolina. One of them was Benjamin Turner (1755/65) of Williamsburg District, and the other one was this one.

Benjamin Turner was born before 1774 (per his age of 16+ on the 1790 census). I don't know if he was of similar age to the other Benjamin, or if he was much older or younger. From this one record it is impossible to tell. That other Benjamin had a proven son named Benjamin as named in his Will of 1821 (Williamsburg Dist, SC Will Book A page 248), and I have not found any other record of that Benjamin (Jr), except that he was old enough in 1821 to be named as one of the Executors of the Will.

Could this Benjamin Turner (bef 1774) of the 1790 census be the son of that other Benjamin Turner (1755/65)? Or is that Benjamin's son a younger man? Obviously more research is needed to answer this question.

I don't know for sure where this Benjamin Turner (bef 1774) lived. He was on the 1790 census in Georgetown District, Prince Frederick Parish, which covered much of present day Williamsburg, Marion, Dillon, Georgetown and Florence Counties. The census was roughly alphabetical, so I can't tell who his neighbors were in order to determine his geographic location.

1790 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1790 Georgetown District, Prince Frederick Parish, SC pg 52 Benjamin Turner 1-1-2-0-0
1 Male(s) 16 and Up (before 1774)	Benjamin TURNER (bef 1774) s/o ?
1 Male(s) under 16    (1774/1790)	Son?
2 Female(s) any age (before 1790)	Wife?

By 1800, several county changes had occurred, Marion District had been formed from the north-west portion of old Georgetown District. Georgetown District was still fairly large in 1800 though, and was subdivided into "counties" of Kingston (North-east, now Horry County), Winyaw (South-East, now Georgetown), and Williamsburg (now Florence and Williamsburg).  There was only one Benjamin Turner listed in this entire area, and he was in Williamsburg, but I'm quite sure it is the other Benjamin Turner (1755/65) and not this Benjamin Turner (bef 1774). That leaves this Benjamin unaccounted for in 1800. He was not in any of the neighboring South Carolina or North Carolina counties either. There were three Benjamins in distant counties, two in Greenville and one in Pendleton, but I certainly don't know if those are this same Benjamin. There were also three Benjamins in eastern North Carolina, one in Cumberland, one in Hyde and one in Perquimans.

In 1810, the other Benjamin Turner (1755/65) was still in Williamsburg, but there was no sign of this Benjamin (bef 1774) in South Carolina or in eastern North Carolina.

In 1820, the other Benjamin Turner (1755/65) was still in Williamsburg, but there was no sign of this Benjamin (bef 1774) in South Carolina or in eastern North Carolina, though there was one in Cumberland Co, NC.

In 1821, the Benjamin of Williamsburg made his Will and named his children including "Benjamin Turner" who was named Executor. I have found no record of this Benjamin Turner Jr in the census for Williamsburg before or after this (1821), so I don't know if this is the same person as Benjamin (bef 1774) or not. The Benjamin who died in 1821 was certainly old enough to have a son born in the 1770's.

Although it is far from proven, I'm think this Benjamin Turner (bef 1774) did live in the Williamsburg area and was somehow related to the other Benjamin Turner (1755/65), perhaps his son. A close look at the available Williamsburg records might reveal something about this man.


Benjamin Turner and his wife had a couple of children based on the 1790 census record. Unfortunately I have no data on them.

Unknown Son (1774/90)

Unknown Daughter (bef 1790)

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