Drury Turner (ca 1732) and Margaret --- of Georgetown (Prince Frederick Parish), SC

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I (Marty Grant) don't know how (or if) I'm related to Drury Turner.

I may have inadvertently combined the record of two different men named "Drury Turner", but since I only have two records total, then I can't be totally sure of anything. I'm working on the assumption that Drury Turner who was listed on the 1790 census in Prince Frederick Parish (Georgetown District) is the same Drury Turner who was married to Margaret, and had a daughter named Lucy who was baptized in Prince Frederick Parish in 1753. Since there was 37 years between the two records, I can't be sure that both refer to the same man.

Drury Turner was born ca 1732 or so, assuming he was at least 21 when his only known child was baptized in 1753. This birth date is a rough estimate.

Drury Turner married Margaret --- well before 1 Dec 1753. I don't know what her maiden name was, nor when or where they married. There was no marriage record in Prince Frederick.

The first record I find for this family is a baptism (or christening) dated 1 Dec 1753 for Lucy Turner daughter of Drury and Margaret Turner, recorded in the Register Book for Prince Frederick Parish.

I have no other records for them until the 1790 census. Since so many years had passed between 1753 and 1790, it is possible that the Drury Turner listed on the 1790 census is a son or grandson or someone else entirely, but since I have nothing else to go on, I'm assuming it is the same Drury. If born ca 1732, he would only have been about 58 then anyway, so it certainly could be the same man.

I don't know for sure where this Drury Turner lived. He was on the 1790 census in Georgetown District, Prince Frederick Parish, which covered much of present day Williamsburg, Marion, Dillon, Georgetown and Florence Counties. The census was roughly alphabetical, so I can't tell who his neighbors were in order to determine his geographic location.

1790 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1790 Georgetown District, Prince Frederick Parish, SC pg 52 Drury Turner 2-2-1-0-0
2 Male(s) 16 and Up (before 1774)	Drury TURNER (c1732)
2 Male(s) under 16    (1774/1790)	Son?
1 Female(s) any age (before 1790)	Margaret  Turner, wife

By 1800, several county changes had occurred, Marion District had been formed from the north-west portion of old Georgetown District. Georgetown District was still fairly large in 1800 though, and was subdivided into "counties" of Kingston (North-east, now Horry County), Winyaw (South-East, now Georgetown), and Williamsburg (now Florence and Williamsburg).  However, there was no sign of Drury Turner on the 1800 census in South Carolina or Eastern North Carolina (nor anywhere else for that matter).


Drury Turner and Margaret had one proven child per a 1753 christening record, and at least three sons per the 1790 census.

Lucy Turner (1753) christened 1 Jan 1753 Prince Frederick Parish. No further data.

Unknown Son (bef 1774)

Unknown Son (1774/90)

Unknown Son (1774/90)

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1. Drury1 Turner , born abt 1732; died aft 1790 in Georgetown Dist, SC (possibly now Williamsburg Co, SC).  He married bef 1753 in SC Margaret (---) .


      Children of Drury Turner and Margaret (---) were as follows:

      2          i      Lucy2 Turner , born 1753 in Craven Co, SC (probably now Williamsburg Co, SC).

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