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I (Marty Grant) don't know how (or if) I'm related to George Turner.

George Turner was born before 1755 (per 1800 census), but where I don't know.

I have no data on George Turner except his 1800 census entry. He was listed near Benjamin Turner (1755/65) and William Turner (1774/84) that year, so is probably closely related to them. He could be Benjamin's older brother, or even his father if he is much older than Benjamin. If he lived near them (and it seems he did), he was probably on the south and west sides of Lynches Creek, just across from the Marion County Turner families in the same area (Amos Turner for one), and not very far from the Darlington Turner families. They all seem to be related to one another.

I was unable to locate George Turner on the 1790 census. The nearest one in South Carolina was in Orangeburg District, and the nearest one in North Carolina was all the way up in Perquimans County.

George Turner was listed on the 1800 census in Georgetown District, SC in Williamsburg County. He was listed just a few houses from Benjamin Turner (1755/65) and his (Benjamin's) suspected son William Turner (1774/84).

1800 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1800 Georgetown District, SC - Williamsburg County pg 467/811 George Turner 01001-00010
1 Male(s) 45 & up   (before 1755)	George TURNER (bef 1755)
1 Male(s) 10-15       (1784-1790)	Son? (1784/90)
1 Female(s) 26-44     (1755-1774)	Wife? (1755/74)

In 1804 Williamsburg District was created from Georgetown District, covering the same area as the former Williamsburg County division of Georgetown District.

George Turner was not listed on the 1810 census in Williamsburg District, nor in any nearby counties as far as I could find. There were some Georges in SC that year, one in Barnwell (too young) and others in western counties.

I have no additional data on George. The name "George" did turn up in later generations in the other Turners in this same area, so that makes it seem likely that this old George was somehow related to the rest.


George Turner and his wife had one apparent son born ca 1784/90 per the 1800 census. Nothing else is known of him.

Unknown Son (1784/90)

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