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I (Marty Grant) don't know how or if I'm related to the Isham Turner family. I am very interested in him though.

Isham J. L. Turner was born ca 1827/28 in Darlington District, SC, presumably in the region that later became Florence County (in 1888).  ("Isham" is sometimes spelled "Isam" or "Isom").

Isham Turner is a son of Elias D. Turner and Elizabeth Cusack, and was listed with his parents on the 1850 census (Darlington District).

Isham Turner married Lucy Ann Head circa 1856, in either Darlington or Marion District. Lucy is a granddaughter of George James and Jane Gourly of Darlington. Her ancestry is proven by various Equity Rolls (Marion County) which name her parents as Absolom Head and Eveline James. Equity Roll # 398 shows Lucy Ann Head, wife of Isham Turner as an heir of George James, and she was also an heir of Evaline (dau of George James), wife of Absolom Head. (Marion County South Carolina Extracts from Equity Rolls by Lucille Utley).

Isham and Lucy were listed in Marion District, SC for the 1860 census, in the area that later became McMillan Township (near Effingham). Her widowed father Absolom Head was next door.

1860 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1860 MARION DIST, SC Page 36B   House/Family #  555/ 555 -- MARION Twp

TURNER ISHAM          30 M W FARMER                   200 SC                   1829/1830
TURNER L A            25 F W                              SC                   1834/1835
TURNER J W             3 M W                              SC                   1856/1857
TURNER ELIS            0 F W 10/12                        SC                   1859/1860

For the Civil War, I found no record for Isham Turner serving, though he may have gone back to Darlington and enlisted there (I didn't check).

I didn't find Isham, nor Lucy on the 1870 census in this area, nor in 1880.

In 1888, McMillan Township and other parts of Marion and neighboring counties were cut off to form the new County of Florence.


I currently have no additional information on any of Isham Turner's children.

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1. Isam J L1 Turner , born 1827/28 in Marion Dist, SC (now Florence Co, SC), son of Elias D Turner and Elizabeth Cusack . He married in 1850/57 in Marion Dist, SC (now Florence Co, SC) Lucy Ann Head , born 1837/38 in Marion Dist, SC (now Florence Co, SC), daughter of Absolam Head and Eveline James .

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