James Turner (c1836) and Martha --- of Marion and Florence Co, SC

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I (Marty Grant) don't know how or if I'm related to the James Turner family. I am very interested in him though.

James Turner was born ca 1835/36 in Marion Dist, SC, presumably in McMillan Township (now Florence County). I believe he is a son of Hugh E. Turner and Frances Cusack, but don't have solid proof. He did live next to him on the 1860 census, and Hugh did have a son this age with him in the 1840 census, who is otherwise unidentified. Another possibility is Robert Turner of Williamsburg. His son Benjamin Turner was also next to James in 1860. However, like Hugh, Robert had no James Turner with him in 1850.

James Turner was not listed on the 1850 census (at least not in Marion, or anywhere I've looked). He was only about 14 at the time, but could have been a hired laborer on someone's farm, and not listed there on the census, nor listed at home. 

James Turner married Martha --- sometime before 1859, presumably in Marion District, SC.

James and Martha were in Marion District for the 1860 census. They were next door to Hugh Turner and family. The next household was that of Benjamin Turner (son of Robert Turner of Williamsburg). This shows that James and family were somewhere near Effingham in McMillan Township (modern Florence County).

1860 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1860 MARION DIST, SC Page 33B   House/Family #  502/ 502 -- MARION Twp

TURNER JAMES          24 M W FARMER                    10 SC                   1835/1836
TURNER MARTHA         24 F W                              SC                   1835/1836
TURNER W               0 M W 10/12                        SC                   1859/1860

For the Civil War, James may have served. There was a "James Turner" listed in Gregg's Battery, Co. D, Manigault's Battalion Artillery, who could easily be him, though it would be difficult to be sure, as there were several James Turner's in Marion at that time. (A History of Marion County, South Carolina by W.W. Sellers, 1902 page 619).

I didn't find James nor his family in the 1870 census, at least not in Marion County.

I didn't find them in 1880 either.

In 1888, McMillan Township and other parts of Marion and neighboring counties were cut off to form the new County of Florence.


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1. James1 Turner , born 1835/36 in Marion Dist, SC (now Florence Co, SC) He married in 1850/59 in Marion Dist, SC (now Florence Co, SC) Martha (---) , born 1835/36 in Marion Dist, SC (now Florence Co, SC).

Children of James Turner and Martha (---) were as follows:

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