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I (Marty Grant) don't know how I'm related to Jesse Turner, but I am very interested in him though.

Jesse Turner was born ca 1800/10, presumably in Marion District, South Carolina. I don't know who his parents were. Unfortunately I only have one record for Jesse: the 1830 census. I think he is part of the Cat Fish Creek Turner family. That would make him a descendant of John Turner and Patience Smith), but I can't prove that.

For the 1810 census Jesse would have been under 10 (born ca 1800/10). There were several Turners in Marion District that year with apparent sons his age, including Amos Turner (bef 1755), Reuben Turner (1760/65), and William Turner (1768). William named all (or most) of his children in a series of deeds, and Jesse wasn't among them, so he probably isn't the father. Amos Turner's family is well documented via estate records, and Jesse isn't his son either. That leaves Reuben as a prime suspect. Reuben's proven son Robert named one of his sons "Jesse" but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

For the 1820 census Jesse Turner would have been either in the 10-15 age group (born ca 1804/10) or in the 16-25 group (born ca 1794/1804), depending on his actual date of birth.  John Turner (1760/70) had three sons, one in the older, two in the younger. However, these three sons are proven to be Joseph, John and Henry. Therefore Jesse probably isn't John's son. Martha Turner (1784/90) had one son 10-15. She was a single mother, so Jesse could be her child. Her boy born ca 1804/10 was apparently gone by 1830, so that fits. Reuben Turner (1760/65) had one son in the older category (his proven son Robert Turner (c1794)), and two in the younger age group, neither of whom are identified. Finally, William Turner (1768) had one son aged 10-15, but he is identified as someone else.

Based only on analysis of the 1810 and 1820 census, I'd say Jesse has to be a child of Reuben Turner or of Reuben's daughter Martha. More evidence is needed to be certain.

Jesse Turner married someone before 1830. Unfortunately we don't know her name.

They were listed on the 1830 census in Marion District. This census was alphabetical, so I can't determine who his neighbors were, or if he lived near any other Turners. It may be significant that he was listed in a group of Turners in this order: Robert Turner (c1794), William Turner (c1768), Daniel Turner (c1796), Joseph Turner (c1803), Henry Turner (c1811) and Jesse Turner (1800/10). When the census taker alphabetized his listings, it wasn't strictly alphabetical, but just by the first letter of the last name, so in other words all Turners wouldn't be together in the final sorted list unless they were close together on the original listing. That puts Jesse Turner square in the middle of the Cat Fish Turners in 1830.

1830 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1830 Marion Dist., SC page 49 Jesse Turner 1000100000000-1001000000000
1 Male 20-29	(1800/1810)	Jesse Turner (1800/10)
1 male 0-4	(1825/1830)	Son? (1825/30)
1 Female 15-19	(1810/1815)	Wife? (1810/15)
1 female 0-4	(1825/1830)	Daughter? (1825/30)
0 Slaves

Jesse Turner was not found in Marion on the 1840 or 1850 census. He must have died or moved away in the 1830's.

I found several Jesse Turners on the 1840 census in various likely migration points west of Marion Dist., SC. I checked them all and most can be eliminated from consideration either to being too old, too young, or the fact that they were already in that place back in 1830 as well, or they weren't from SC, etc. I found one in Taney Co., MO who looked like a really good match when comparing the enumerations from 1840 to those in 1830. That Jesse was in neighboring Ozark Co., MO in 1850 and 1860 and doesn't seem to be the same one from Marion District originally.

Based on the above analysis, it seems to Jesse Turner must have died after 1830 instead of moving away. If so, did he leave a widow and children behind in Marion District? It is possible, but I found no record of them.

Children of Jesse Turner. Jesse and wife had two children according to the 1830 census. I haven't identified either of them.

  1. Unknown Son (1825/30)

  2. Unknown Daughter (1825/30)

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