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I (Marty Grant) don't know how (or if) I'm related to Nathaniel Turner, but I am very interested in him though.

Nathaniel Turner was born either ca 1780/90 or ca 1800/10. The only record I have for him is the 1830 census. This census lists Nathaniel Turner and includes a male age 40-49 (c1780/90) and one age 20-29 (c1800/10). The apparent wife was also age 20-29. There is no way to be sure if Nathaniel was the oldest male in the household, or if he was the man in his 20's.

If Nathaniel was a native to Marion County, then I'd have to assume he was born in the 1800-1810 time-frame, for their doesn't seem to be room for him (per census analysis) if born in the 1780's.

Since the Nathaniel Turner under study here was old enough to be listed somewhere on the 1820 census, I did a search for him. I found several Nathaniel Turner's listed in various compatible states (NC, VA, MD). Of these, most were still in the same county in 1830 as well, so probably couldn't be the same person.  There was one in Baltimore Co, MD in 1820, but he was still there in 1830. Another was in Anson Co, NC in 1820, but not there in 1830. Also one in Perquimans and one in Warren Co, NC. Both of those were still in their respective counties in 1830, so are not a suspect. I also found one each in these Virginia counties: Accomack, Louisa, and Southampton. All three of those were still there in 1830 as well, so are not suspects. Of all those found in 1820, only the one in Anson Co, NC was no longer in the same area by 1830. That makes him a leading candidate, and Anson was further upstream on the Great Pee Dee River, though not particularly close to Marion County, SC.

He was listed in Marion for the 1830 census. Unfortunately, this census was alphabetical, so we can't determine exactly where Nathaniel was living, nor who his neighbors were. 

1830 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1830 Marion District, SC pg 47 Nathaniel Turner 0001101000000-0010100000000
1 Male(s) 40-49        (1780-1790)	Nathaniel TURNER (1780/90) s/o ?
1 Male(s) 20-29        (1800-1810)	Son? or Nathaniel TURNER (c1800/10)
1 Male(s) 15-19        (1810-1815)	Son?
1 Female(s) 20-29      (1800-1810)	Wife? Daughter?
1 Female(s) 10-14      (1815-1820)	Daughter?

Since we have no record of Nathaniel Turner prior to the 1830 census, I can't be sure if he was born ca 1780/90. That seems rather old for this to be his first record. However, that age may be correct, since the apparent children in this household are older than someone born ca 1800/10 could have. This probably indicates that Nathaniel Turner was the older male (c1780/90) and also may indicate he had moved to Marion just before 1830, and moved away (or died) before 1840.

Nathaniel Turner did not appear on the 1840 census, at least not in Marion or in neighboring counties. I did find a Nathaniel Turner listed on the 1840 census in Thomas Co, GA. I don't know if this is the same person or not, but could be. Back tracking to the 1830 census, there was no Nathaniel Turner in Thomas Co, GA, so that helps a little (no Turners in that county at all in 1830).


Nathaniel Turner and his wife had several children based on the 1830 census, all currently unidentified.

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