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I (Marty Grant) don't know how (or if) I'm related to Solomon Turner, but I am very interested in him though.

Solomon Turner was born ca 1838/39, presumably in Marion District, SC, but I don't know which region. He was found in Moody and Reaves Township later on. I don't know who Solomon's parents might be.

Solomon would have been about 1 year old by the time of the 1840 census, so he should be enumerated in the "under 5" age group (born ca 1835/40). There were several Turner households in Marion that year with an apparent son that age, though most are already identified. Here are the ones who are not identified: Henry Turner (c1810) had 3 sons that age. Martha Turner (1784/90) had one that age, John Turner (1760/70) had two. Any of these could be Solomon's parents.

I did not find Solomon anywhere on the 1850 census, at least not in Marion or neighboring counties. Coincidentally (perhaps), Henry Turner was gone in 1850 also, and both Martha and John had died by then (apparently), so if Solomon belonged to one of them, he could have been "farmed out" to other relatives and missed on the census.

Solomon Turner married Mary Rogers ca 1858 or so, in Marion District. She was a child of Frederick and Nancy --- Rogers.

They were listed on the 1860 census in Marion. In 1860, the nearest Turner household was my ancestor Daniel Turner, but he was 28 houses away. I can't be sure where this is exactly, but it seems to be in Reaves Township, based on an analysis of some of the neighbors in this census.

1860 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1860 MARION DIST, SC Page 127B  House/Family # 1974/1944 -- MARION Twp

TURNER SOLOMON        21 M M FARM LABOR                   SC                   1838/1839
TURNER MARY           23 F M                              SC                   1836/1837
TURNER ELI             1 F M                              SC                   1858/1859

Solomon Turner and his family were listed in 1860 with a race code of "M" (Mulatto). Census takers used the "Free Colored" and "Mulatto" designation to show a person of mixed race, whether they be part Indian, part Black, or of some other origin (darker skinned). A large portion of the Turners of Marion County fell into this category. One of the earliest Turner's in the area was John Turner Sr (c1740-c1804) and his wife Patience. They were listed in this mixed race category, and there are several public records relating to them. See their page for details. Solomon is very likely a descendant of old John and Patience.

Solomon Turner was listed in Moody Township for the 1870 census, and listed next door to John Turner (son of Rachel Turner), strongly suggesting a close relationship there. It is possible that Rachel was his mother, but she had no one of his name or age with her in 1850. She could be his Aunt instead, or older sister. Anything is possible.

1870 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1870 MARION CO, SC Page 228B  House/Family #   73/  73--MOODY'S Twp

TURNER SOLOMON        30 M W FARM LABOR                       SC              1839/1840
TURNER MARY           29 F W FARM LABOR                       SC              1840/1841
TURNER ANNIE           9 F W AT HOME                          SC              1860/1861
TURNER ALICE           4 F W AT HOME                          SC              1865/1866
TURNER WILLIAM         4 M W AT HOME                          SC              1865/1866

For the 1880 census, Solomon Turner and family were found in Reaves Township. They were not listed close by any other Turner families.

1880 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1880 MARION CO, SC Page 313   House/Family #   392/ 392 -- REAVES Twp

TURNER SOLOMON       W M  40 HD M LABORER              SC  SC  SC  1839/1840
TURNER MARY          W F  38 WF M KEEPING HOUSE        SC  SC  SC  1841/1842
TURNER ALICE         W F  16 D  S LABORER              SC  SC  SC  1863/1864
TURNER WILLIE        W M  14 S  S LABORER              SC  SC  SC  1865/1866
ROGERS NANCY         W F  35 SL S AT HOME              SC  SC  SC  1844/1845

I didn't find Solomon, nor any of his family members on the 1900 census in Marion. I did find an Annie Turner, born April 1860, listed in Reaves Township in 1900. She could be the same Annie with Solomon in 1870.


Solomon Turner had several children based on the 1860 through 1880 census. Since I have no additional data on any of these children, I'll not list them here. View the Register Report for their names and other info.

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1. Solomon1 Turner , born 1838/39 in Marion Dist, SC He married in 1850/59 in Marion Dist, SC Mary Rogers , born 1837/38 in Marion Dist, SC, daughter of Frederick Rogers and Nancy (---) .

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