William Turner (1755/74) of Georgetown and Horry Co, SC

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I (Marty Grant) don't know how (or if) I'm related to William Turner.

There is a possibility that this is the same person as William Turner (1768) of neighboring Marion County, though that is just speculation, but it does work based on the small amount of evidence I have so far.

William Turner was born ca 1755/1774 (per 1800 census). I don't know where he was born, though he lived in Georgetown District in 1800.

William Turner was not listed on the 1790 census, at least not in Georgetown District, nor elsewhere in SC as far as I could see, though there were a few Williams in the western parts of the state. The nearest William I found in 1790 was in Cumberland Co, NC and another one in Sampson Co, NC.

William Turner married someone before 1800, for his 1800 census entry appears to include a wife in his same age category (born ca 1755-1774). I don't know what her name was.

He was on the 1800 census in Georgetown District, Waccamaw County (which is actually Kingston County, present day Horry County). He was the only Turner listed there that year. Horry was (and is) a large county, so I don't know where he was living exactly within that county.  His neighbors on either side were Enos Lay and William Carter, other nearby names included: Prince, Todd, Suggs, Cox and others. Perhaps someone can tell me where these families lived.

1800 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1800 Georgetown District, Kingston Co, SC pg 770 William Turnor 00010-00010-0-0
1 Male(s) 26-44       (1755-1774)	William TURNER (1755/74)
1 Female(s) 26-44     (1755-1774)	Wife? (1755/74)  

In 1801, "Horry District" was formed from the former Kingston County, Georgetown District.

The 1810 census for Horry showed no Turners at all, and I found no sign of William Turner anywhere near there that year. There was a William Turner (1768) in neighboring Marion County, but he was not the same person (though he could be, but as far as I know, that William was not married yet by 1800). There was also a William Turner (1774/84) in Williamsburg District, though he was a different person for sure.

My guess is that this William of Horry County moved away after 1800 to some unknown location.


William Turner and wife had no children as of the 1800 census.

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