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Tyson Genealogy - North Carolina

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Welcome to my Tyson genealogy pages. I am interested in the Tyson surname in North Carolina.

My most recent Tyson ancestor is my five times great grandmother, Sabra Tyson, born ca late 1740s, probably in Beaufort Co., NC. She married Joseph Gilbert in 1762 in Cumberland (now Moore) Co., NC. They lived in both Moore and Chatham Counties the rest of their lives. Joseph died ca 1787, and her ca 1812. Her parents:

Cornelius Tyson, born ca 1720s, perhaps in Virginia. He married Jane Cheek in the 1740s in Beaufort Co., NC. They soon moved to what was then Cumberland Co., NC. They lived there a few years until their section was cut off to form Moore County. That’s where they remained, along the Moore - Chatham County border, leaving records in both counties. Cornelius died ca 1795, and Jane ca 1797.

I don’t know who Cornelius Tyson’s parents are yet.

As of now (February 14, 2023), I’ve barely researched the Tyson family, so I have very little information on them. More research is needed.

Revised: February 14, 2023

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