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Edwards Genealogy - Wayne & Duplin Co., NC and Horry & Marion Co., SC

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Welcome to my Edwards genealogy pages. I am interested in the Edwards surname in eastern North Carolina, primarily in Wayne and Duplin Counties. My Edwards left that region and moved to Horry Co., SC in the 1850's. Some went to western TN, namely Madison County. I have only limited interest in the Edwards surname in counties other than those just mentioned.

Edwards was the 53rd most common surname in the United States in 2000 and 58th in 2010.

My most recent Edwards ancestor is my Great Grandmother, Henrietta Edwards, born 1893 in Horry Co., SC. She married Willie S. Campbell and 1910 and moved to neighboring Marion Co., SC where they remained until death, he in 1935, she in 1963. Henrietta’s parents:

Gabriel E. Edwards was born 1849 in Wayne Co., NC. He moved with his parents to Horry Dist., SC in the 1850s. He married Celia Caroline Johnson there in the early 1870s. She died in Horry in 1910, and he in 1938. Gabriel’s parents:

William Edwards was born ca 1826 in Wayne Co., NC. He married Rachel Roberts there in the mid 1840s. They left NC for Horry, SC in the late 1850s where she died ca early 1870s. He remarried and died in Florence Co., SC ca 1897. William’s parents:

Barnabas Edwards was born ca 1806 in Wayne Co., NC. He married Catherine — in the early or mid 1820s in Wayne, or perhaps Duplin Co., NC. They left NC in the early 1830s for Madison Co., TN where she died in the early 1850s. Barnabas remarried in 1853 in Gibson Co., TN and was last found on the 1860 census in Dyer Co., TN. Barnabas’s parents:

David Edwards was born 1764 in Dobbs Co., NC (now Lenoir Co., NC). He was living in Kinston (then known as Kingston) when he enlisted for the Revolutionary War. He married Lydia — ca 1785 in neighboring Wayne Co., NC. They remained there until they divorced in 1831. Lydia then lived out the remainder of her years with her son Barnabas, first in Duplin Co., NC, then in Madison Co., TN where she died in the 1840s. David died in Wayne Co., NC ca 1839. David’s parents:

John Edwards was born 1740s or perhaps much earlier. I would suspect he was born somewhere in eastern NC or VA. His wife has not been identified. They lived in Dobbs Co., NC, perhaps in the part that is now Lenoir County, or in the part that became Wayne County, the latter of which is where they were from the 1780s on to his death in 1810. John’s parents are not identified.

I have another Edwards line, probably not related to this one. They were in south central Virginia. Click here for more on them.

Revised: February 6, 2023

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