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Benjamin Hensley was born ca 1765/70 per census analysis. He was presumably born in Bedford Co., VA where he lived his adult life.

I refer to this man as Benjamin Hensley (8) in an attempt to distinguish him from the several other Benjamins in early Virginia records. See the analysis page for the various early Benjamin Hensleys.

I don't know who his parents are for certain, but he is probably a son of Samuel Hensley and Lilley Ann (---) who were in Bedford early on.

The 1787 tax list for Bedford Co., VA shows only two Hensleys there at the time: Samuel Hensley and James Hensley. Assuming that Benjamin was born and raised in Bedford, one of those two is probably his father. James is almost certainly a son of Samuel and he isn't quite old enough to be Benjamin's father, so that leaves Samuel as the prime suspect. This isn't solid proof of course, but a starting place at least.

The 1790 and 1800 censuses are lost for Virginia.

The 1800 tax list for Bedford shows several Hensleys in the county. Each of these would be over 16 at this time: Benjamin, William, James, Samuel, John and Lelean. "Lelean" or Lilley Ann as she is shown in other records is probably the widow of Samuel Hensley and the parents of all the Hensleys listed on the 1800 tax list in Bedford. Benjamin's entry on the tax list shows one white male over 16 (himself) and 3 horses.

On 25 Oct 1802 Gilliam King obtained a marriage bond in Bedford to marry Nancy Hensley daughter of Lilley Ann. Benjamin Hensley was the bondsman. Nancy is probably his sister.

On 7 May 1807 Benjamin Hensley obtained a marriage bond in Bedford to marry "Carriline Crews" daughter of Joseph. Charles Bright was bondsman.

Caroline Crews was born ca 1784/85 per her age on the 1850 census. She is a daughter of Joseph Crews as shown on her marriage bond. I don't know who her mother was.

Benjamin Hensley is listed on the 1810 census in Bedford Co., VA. His probable brother William Hensley is also listed, the only other Hensley on the census. Benjamin's entry is half obscured so I don't know if I've read the enumerations correctly.

1810 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1810 Bedford Co., VA page 465 Benjamin Hensley 00010-00100-0-0*
1 Male 26-44	(1765/1784)	Benjamin Hensley (1765/70)
1 female 16-25	(1784/1794)	Caroline Crews Hensley (c1785) wife
*0 Slaves (there were some slaves but the number was illegible)

Benjamin is listed on the 1820 census in Bedford, the only Hensley there that year.

1820 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1820 Bedford Co., VA page 41 Benjamin Hensley 010001-00001
1 Male 45+	(bef 1775)	Benjamin Hensley (1765/70)
1 male 10-15	(1804/1810)	Son? (1804/10)
1 Female 45+	(bef 1775)	Caroline Crews Hensley (c1785) wife
2 Slaves

They are still in Bedford for the 1830 census, but near any of the other Hensleys.

1830 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1830 Bedford Co., VA page 143 Benjamin Hensley 0001100010000-0100001000000
1 Male 60-69	(1760/1770)	Benjamin Hensley (1765/70)
1 Male 20-29	(1800/1810)	Son? (1804/10)
1 male 15-19	(1810/1815)	Son? (1810/15)
1 Female 40-49	(1780/1790)	Caroline Crews Hensley (c1785) wife
1 female 5-9	(1820/1825)	Daughter? (1820/25)
2 Slaves

They are on the 1840 census in Bedford. His probable brother William is on the same page though about 14 houses away. Willis Hensley is also nearby. The second page of this census which would show the slaves is missing.

1840 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1840 Bedford Co., VA page 281 Benjmn Hensley 0000000001000-0000000010000
Slaves=(page missing)
1 Male 70-79	(1760/1770)	Benjamin Hensley (1765/70)
1 Female 60-69	(1770/1780)	Caroline Crews Hensley (c1785) wife
? Slaves

Benjamin Hensley died sometime in the 1840's in Bedford Co., VA.

Caroline is listed as head of household on the 1850 census. She is next door to Granville Tucker and his wife Nancy Hensley, daughter of William Hensley. Caroline is not listed on the 1850 slave schedule, so whatever slaves the family had back in 1830 were gone by this time.

1850 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
Bedford Co., VA
PHF 170-460-440
Northern Division

Caroline Hensley





Caroline is listed on the 1860 census in Bedford in the Poor House. I didn't transcribe all the other residents, just her.

1860 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
Bedford Co., VA
PHF 661-1500-1500
Southern Revenue District
Davis Mills PO
The Poor House
50 residents in all

Caroline Hensley







She was still in the poor house in 1870. There were 58 names in all, I only transcribed her entry.

1870 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
Bedford Co., VA
PHF 243&243B-362-381
The Township of Liberty
Liberty PO
Co. Poor House

Caroline Hensly







I didn't find Caroline on the 1880 census. She was probably dead by then.

Children of Benjamin Hensley and Caroline Crews. They may not have had any children, or any to live to adulthood. The early census records do show some young people in their household, but they aren't consistent from census to census so they may be nieces and nephews or hired laborers that were living with them off and on. Caroline spent her last years in the poor house, so it stands to reason she had no children to take care of her, or none who were in the area.
  1. Unknown Son (1804/10) - not home in 1810; home in 1820 and 1830. Gone by 1840.
  2. Unknown Son (1810/15) - not home in 1820; home in 1830. Gone by 1840.
  3. Unknown Daughter (1820/25) - home in 1830; gone by 1840.
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First Generation

1. Benjamin Hensley was born in 1765/1770 in Bedford Co, VA. He died in 1840/1850 in Bedford Co, VA.

Benjamin married Caroline Crews, daughter of Joseph Crews, on 7 May 1807 in Bedford Co, VA. Caroline was born in 1784/1785 in Bedford Co, VA. She died after 1870 in Bedford Co, VA. Home > Genealogy > Hensley > Families > Benjamin