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John Hensley was born before ca 1771. I base that on him marrying in 1792 and not needing parental consent. That means he was at least 21 then. He was probably born in Bedford Co., VA.

I don't know who his parents are for certain, but he may be a son of Samuel Hensley and Lilley Ann (---) who were in Bedford early on.

On 24 Dec 1792 John Hensley obtained a marriage bond in Bedford Co., VA to marry Mary Wade, daughter David and Frances Wade. Samuel Hensley (brother) was bondsman. They were married on 1 Jan 1793 by Jeremiah Hatcher.

Mary Wade was born sometime after 1771 (since she was under 21 when she married, requiring parental consent). She is a daughter of David Wade and Frances (---) as shown on the marriage bond.

The 1800 census is lost for Virginia, but the 1800 tax list for Bedford shows several Hensleys in the county. Each of these would be over 16 at this time: Benjamin, William, James, Samuel, John and Lelean. "Lelean" or Lilley Ann as she is shown in other records is probably the widow of Samuel Hensley (Sr) and the parents of all the Hensleys listed on the 1800 tax list in Bedford. John's entry on the tax list shows one white male over 16 (himself) and 1 horse.

The 1800 tax list is the last record I have for John Hensley. He may have died shortly after that or moved out of Bedford Co., VA. There are John Hensleys everywhere in early 1800 records. I don't know which of them (if any) is the same person.

Children of John Hensley and Mary Wade. I have no record of any children for John and Mary, though they probably had some.
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1. John Hensley was born before 1771 in Bedford Co, VA. He died after 1800 in Bedford Co, VA.

John married Mary Wade, daughter of David Wade and Francis, on 1 Jan 1793 in Bedford Co, VA. Mary was born after 1771. She died after 1793 in Bedford Co, VA. Home > Genealogy > Hensley > Families > John