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George Hensley (c1710-1775) and Sarah Richardson of Spotsylvania Co., VA

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If I have it all worked out correctly, George Hensley is my second cousin, many times removed.

Special thanks to Laura Schreibman and Suzanne Baird for data shared on this family.

We don’t know when George Hensley was born exactly. However, judging by the land patent he received in 1728, one would expect him to at least be an older teen by that time, so if 16, then born ca 1712. If 21, then born ca 1707. I’ll split the difference and say he was born ca 1710.

George is a proven son of Samuel Hensley (Sr) and his last wife, Elizabeth. He was named as such in his father’s Will.

George Hensley was probably born in Richmond Co., VA now King George Co., VA.

George received a patent (land grant) in Spotsylvania on 28 Sep 1728 of 250 acres on the Pamunkey River. We do know this is the same George for he mentioned this patent in the 1760's when he sold the land.

George’s father, Samuel Hensley Sr, made his Will in King George Co., VA on 28 Feb 1731/1732 and left his sons George and James his plantation in Spotsylvania Co., VA.

George Hensley married Sarah Richardson, probably in Spotsylvania Co., VA in the 1740s. Considering his likely age of around 30 in 1740, it’s possible they married before 1740.

Sarah is a proven daughter of William and Sarah (—) Richardson.

On 8 Jul 1750 George’s brother Edward Hensley made his Will in Norfolk, naming his daughter Mary and wife Eliza, as well as his “brother George Hansley living in Spotsylvania.”

On 3 Mar 1755, William Richerson of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA, Planter, made a deed of gift to his daughter Sarah Hensley and to his grandson Richerson Hensley (after the death of his father and mother George and Sarah Hensley), 110 acres in Spotsylvania. William signed the deed with a mark. Witnesses were Henry Pendleton and Owen Thomas. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book E, p. not given.)

The above deed proves that George and Sarah were married by 1755, and that they had a son Richardson by that time.

William Richardson made his Will in 1761 (no precise date listed). He named his wife Sarah, grandson James Hutcherson, grandson Richardson Hensley and daughter Sarah Hensley. He named his wife Sarah and grandson James Hutcherson as his executors. Witnesses were William Woody, William Hutcherson and Joseph Carter. He died on 14 Dec 1761 and the Will was proven 6 Sep 1762. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Will Book D 1761-1772 p. 1.)

The above makes me wonder if Richardson Hensley was William Richardson’s only Hensley grandchild, for he didn’t mention any of the other known children of George Hensley. That could mean that Sarah Richardson wasn’t the first wife and the other children belonged to someone else. However, this is probably a case of a man singling out one grandchild who was a favorite or a namesake (as in this case), and ignoring the others. This was fairly common back then.

On 16 Nov 1761, George and Sarah Hensley of Spotsylvania sold 200 acres in Orange County to Robert Shore, Bricklayer, of Norfolk. The land was described as on the east side of Rigga Swamp, which was granted to George Hensley in 1728. (Orange Co., VA Deed Book 13, pp 207-210 shared by Suzanne Baird.)

The above proves that George of 1728 and of 1761 is the same person. The original grant was 250 acres, so he either kept 50 acres, or had already done something with that part.

On 10 Apr 1764, James Carter deeded sundry goods to George Hensley. Carter was his son-in-law, though that wasn’t mentioned in the deed. (Virginia County Records - Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, Volume I)

On 4 Aug 1764, George Hensley sold various goods to Roger Dixon. Witnessed by Thomas Perry and John Sommerville. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book F, shared by Suzanne Baird.)

On 9 Mar 1765, George and Sarah deeded 205 acres Roger Dixon and William Wood (all parties of Spotsylvania). Described as land purchased from James Hutcherson. (Shared by Suzanne Baird.)

On 1 Jul 1765 George and Sarah deeded 40 acres to Roger Dixon, merchant. Described as land Hensley purchased from Thomas Morris, where James Carter lately lived. Witnessed by John Stewart, Colin Troup and John Batteley. (Shared by Suzanne Baird.)

Same deed, or nearly duplicate as above (1 Jul 1765), dated 4 Aug 1766, same parties, same acreage, etc. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book F, no page no.)

On 5 Aug 1765, James Hutcherson and wife Margaret, and Edward Coleman and wife Sarah, made a deed to George Hensley. 95 acres in Spotsylvania, being land inherited by Hutcherson from his grandfather William Richason (Richardson). Bordering John Taliaffero, deceased, John Wood, deceased, and George Hensley. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book F, no page no., shared by Suzanne Baird.)

George Hensley made his Will on 15 May 1770 in Spotsylvania. He named his sons Richardson, George and William. He named daughters Susanna Hensley, Sarah wife of James Carter, and his own wife Sarah. Later he named “my 4 children Mary, Catherine, William and Susanna.” He named his sons Richardson and George as his executors. He signed the Will with a mark. The Will was proven in court in Feb 1775, so he was dead by then.

On 18 Jan 1772, George Hensley, Junr, and wife Martha, of Spotsylvania made a deed to George Hensley, Sr, for 5 shillings, 63 acres in Spotsylvania. Witnesses were Jona. Clark, William Wood, John Estes, Jr. and Ambrose Dudley. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book H, no page no.)

Two days later, on 20 Jan 1772, George Hensley Sr and wife Sarah deeded land to George Hensley Jr, for 5 shillings, being 95 acres. Witnesses were William Wood, Jona. Clark, John Estes, Jr. and Ambrose Dudley. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book H, no page no.)

On 2 Aug 1773, George Hensley Sr and wife Sarah, deeded 63 acres to Benjamin Johnston of Fredericksburg. This is the land he purchased from son George Jr. in 1772. Witnesses were William Wood, John Brock and John Chew, Jr. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book H, no page no.)

George Hensley was dead by Feb 1775 when his Will was presented in Court.

Sarah Hensley was listed on the 1782 Personal Property Tax List in Spotsylvania Co., VA. She had one male tithe over 21 (not named), 1 slave, 6 cattle and 2 horses. The male tithe wasn’t her son George or son Richardson, for they were both listed on their own.

Sarah Hensley was listed on the 1783 Personal Property Tax List in Spotsylvania Co., VA. She had one male tithe over 21 (not named), 1 slave, 4 horses and 7 horses.

Sarah Hensley was listed on the 1784 Personal Property Tax List in Spotsylvania Co., VA. She had 1 horse and 5 cattle.

On 29 Sep 1784, Richardson Hensley and wife Minney (Winney), and Sarah Hensley, of Spotsylvania, deeded 110 acres to John Carter for £200. Witnesses were James Huthcerson, James Cully and George Hensley. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book K no page no.)

Sarah Hensley, nor any other Hensley, were listed on the 1785 Personal Property Tax List in Spotsylvania Co., VA.

She wasn’t listed in 1786 either, but apparently still there for on 3 Jan 1786, Thomas Foster made a Mortgage deed to Sarah Hensley for 1 slave. Witnessed by Joseph Herndon, Jona. Clark. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book L no page no.)

On 6 Feb 1787, George Hensley and wife Martha, and Sarah Hensley, deeded 95 acres to Thomas Colson for £98. No witnesses listed. (Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book L, no page no.)

She was not listed in Spotsylvania on the 1787, 1788, 1789 or 1790 personal property tax lists. However, she was back for the 1791 list. She had no white tithables, 1 black tithable and 1 horse.

That is the last record I have for Sarah Hensley. She wasn’t listed on the 1792, 1793, 1794 or 1795 tax lists in Spotsylvania. It’s possible she died around 1791, or perhaps she joined her sons out in Kentucky and died there.


George Hensley had seven children proven by his 1770 Will. All were presumably born in Spotsylvania Co., VA. Sons George and Richardson were both named as executors meaning they had to be over 21 then, so born ca 1749 or before. A 1784 land warrant regarding William and Richardson states that Richardson is the eldest brother of William, meaning he is the oldest son of George Sr.


1.         Richardson Hensley, born ca 1740s, married Winifred. In Fayette Co., VA (now KY) by 1788. He died ca 1823 in Washington Co., IN.

2.         George Hensley Jr, born ca 1740s, married Martha. In Fayette Co., VA (now KY) by 1788. He died ca 1812 in Henry Co., KY.

3.         William Hensley was born 1750s and died in 1778 in the Revolutionary War

4.         Susanna Hensley, no dates, though still living in 1770, apparently not yet married.

5.         Sarah Hensley, no dates, married to James Carter before 1770.

6.         Catherine Hensley, no dates, though still living in 1770, apparently not yet married.

7.         Mary Hensley, no dates, though still living in 1770, apparently not yet married.

One might assume that the daughters all moved to Kentucky as well, but I have no data on that so far.

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