James M. Hensley (c1809) and Anna --- of AL and Carroll Co, GA

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I (Marty Grant) am not related to James M. Hensley as far as I know.

I only have one record for this family so far, and that is the 1850 Carroll Co, GA census. The census taker misspelled the surname "Hainsley", and since there were both "Hensley" and "Hinesley" families in the county then, and he misspelled both sets the same way, I can't determine which surname is correct for this family, whether "Hensley" or "Hinesley". (See Hensley Spellings for more on this subject). Since I have not been able to find this family before and after the 1850 census, I'm more than a little concerned that they might not be Hensleys at all (or Hinesleys), but that the census taker erred in recording their name. Either that or they just avoided the census taker when they could.

James M. Hensley (or Hinesley) was born ca 1808/09 (per 1850 census) in Georgia (per 1850 census). I don't know what county.  He was not born in Carroll County (where he was living in 1850) for that area was still Indian lands back when he was born.

I don't know who James' parents are. There were two sets of families in Carroll County, Georgia that he could be associated with. One was the Enoch Hensley and Amy Houston family. In fact, on the 1850 census, James was just 15 houses from one of Enoch's sons: Miles D. Hensley (c1814). For the record, Enoch did have an unknown son this age, so he fits age-wise and location-wise. The only problem with connecting them is that James was born in Georgia (per 1850 census) ca 1809, when Enoch was still in Rockingham County, North Carolina at that time. Of course it is possible that the 1850 census is in error regarding James' birth place.

If James is not closely associated with the Enoch Hensley family, then it seems he may be part of the Hinesley family. Thomas Hinesley (1761-1834) and Alford Hinesley (c1794) were in Carroll Co, GA early on, and they could be somehow related to James, if his surname is "Hinesley" instead of "Hensley". He is too old to be Alford's son, but he could be his younger brother.

James Hensley would have been about 1 year old by the time of the 1810 census, so if listed he should be in the "under 10" age group (born ca 1800/10), but unfortunately, the 1810 census is lost for Georgia.

For the 1820 census, James would have been about 11 years old, so he should be enumerated in the age 10-15 category (born ca 1804/10). This census is lost for several Georgia counties, but in a strange turn of events, none of the Hensleys listed there in 1820 had a son this age. This probably means that James' family was in one of the lost counties, or else not in Georgia yet.

Sometime before 1830, James M. Hensley married Anna --- somewhere in Georgia. Anna was born ca 1813/14 in Georgia. I don't know her maiden name.

I did not find James M. Hensley on the 1830 census in Georgia, nor any clear matches in other states.

I also did not find James on the 1840 census in Georgia. However, the birth places of two of his children (per 1850 census) shows he was living in Alabama in the ca 1839-1842 timeframe. I did not find him listed on the 1840 census in Alabama either.

James and family were on the 1850 census in Carroll County, Georgia, just 15 houses from Miles D. Hensley (c1814) relationship unknown.

1850 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1850 CARROLL CO, GA Page 41    House/Family #  542/ 542  - 11th DIVISION Twp

HAINSLEY JAMES M      41 M W FARMER                1000 GA                   1808/1809
HAINSLEY ANNA         36 F W                            GA                   1813/1814
HAINSLEY JOHN R       20 M W                            GA                   1829/1830
HAINSLEY OWEN H       18 M W                            GA                   1831/1832
HAINSLEY DRUCILLA     14 F W                            GA                   1835/1836
HAINSLEY JAMES M      12 M W                            GA                   1837/1838
HAINSLEY WILLIAM      10 M W                            AL                   1839/1840
HAINSLEY MARY J        8 F W                            AL                   1841/1842
McKELROY H            26 M W LABOURER                   GA                   1823/1824

I did not find them in 1860


James and Anna had at least six children per the 1850 census. I have no additional data on any of them so far.

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Register Report

1. James M1 Hensley , born 1808/09 in GA; died aft 1850 in Carroll Co, GA.  He married bef 1830 in GA Anna (---) , born 1813/14 in GA.


      Children of James M Hensley and Anna (---) were as follows:

      2          i      John R2 Hensley , born 1829/30 in GA.

      3          ii      Owen H2 Hensley , born 1831/32 in GA.

      4          iii      Drucilla2 Hensley , born 1835/36 in GA.

      5          iv      James M2 Hensley , born 1837/38 in GA.

      6          v      William2 Hensley , born 1839/40 in AL.

      7          vi      Mary J2 Hensley , born 1841/42 in AL.  

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