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James Hensley’s of Virginia in the 1700's - Differentiation

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***** Page in Progress *****

There were a few James Hensley’s in Virginia born prior to 1800. This page is my attempt to sort them out and catalog them. See their own pages for more details. If I’ve left any out please let me know.

They are sorted oldest to youngest.


1.         James Hensley (c1700/10-aft 1735) of Spotsylvania and Norfolk. Son of Samuel d 1735.

2.         James Hensley (c1732/34-aft 1752) of Lunenburg, now Bedford. Probably son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hickman Hensley, m 1731.

3.         James Hensley (c1730s-aft 1751) of Orange.

4.         James Hensley (c1730s-aft 1787) and Catherine — of Spotsylvania.

5.         James Hensley (c1752-1810s) of VA and NC. Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth.

6.         James Hensley (c1763-1849) and Sarah Ann Hatcher, of Bedford and Botetourt. Son of Samuel and Lilly Ann.

7.         James Hensley (1770/75-aft 1828) and Martha —, of WV, KY and IL. Son of Chrisley and Catherine.

8.         James Hensley (1770/75-aft 1840) and Sarah Icenogle of KY and IN. Parents unidentified.

9.         James Hensley (c1780-aft 1804) of Madison. Son of William and Mary.

10.       James Hensley (c1780-1859) and Nancy — of NC, TN and KY. Son of Henry Hensley and Barbara Angel.

11.       James Hensley (c1781-1864) and Elizabeth Maiden, of Rockingham. Son of Mary Hensley.

12.       James Hensley (bef 1784-bef 1821) of Henry. Son of Phoebe Hensley McKinney.

13.       James Hensley (c1785-aft 1870) and Sarah Bailey of Albemarle, WV & MO. Son of William Hensley and Elizabeth Appleberry.

14.       James Hensley (1780/90-aft 1840) of Edwards Co., IL.

15.       James F. Hensley (c1790-aft 1860) and Catherine of NC and TN. Never in VA?

Revised: November 24, 2021

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