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John Hensley (d 1627) in James City, VA

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A court at James Citty 9th February 1627


Capt. Ffrancis West, Esqr, Gouernor &ec.

Capt Mathewes, Mr. Claybourne

Doctor Pott, Capt Tucker

At this court was brought in the will & Testamt of John Hinsley Mariner deceased and proved by the oath of Willi’m Webster Marchant that it was the will of ye said John Hinsley & that he was in perfect sense & memory at the makeing thereof & further that the deponent was present at ye signing sealing & delivery thereof.

From The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 29, No. 3 (Jul., 1921), p. 298

The above is the one and only record we have for John Hensley. He has the distinction to be the very first Hensley in Virginia, as far as is known.

However, his occupation as Mariner suggests he didn’t live in Virginia, only that he got sick while there, or on route, and died shortly after arriving.

While the Will is mentioned in the record, the contents of it are not. I would suspect that if he named any relatives, they were probably back in England.

I don’t know if John is related to any of the other Hensleys who came to Virginia later. He certainly could be of course.


As noted above, the Will itself was not included in the record, so we don’t know if John had children.

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