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Hensley Census Records - Gallatin Co., KY Tax Lists 1799-1800

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The "Personal Property" tax lists include every white male over age 21 (or over 16), referred to as polls, tithes, tithables, etc. The number of horses, cattle and slaves are also included on the lists. The columns vary somewhat from year to year. In some cases I condense the columns especially if they are not applicable. Refer to the originals to see what I might have left out.

In Kentucky, land was also included on the tax list when applicable.

In the table below I'll include the tax list data using the original spellings. The last column will be comments or a link to the web page for that family or person. I abstracted these tax listings from original records which I viewed myself via

Gallatin County, Kentucky was formed in 1798 from Franklin County, effective 1799.

1799 No Hensley














White Tithes 21+ / 16-20

Black Males 16+ / Total Blacks



Jul 7, Samuel Hansley












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