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Zachariah Hensley (c1752-aft 1774) of Buckingham Co., VA

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Zachariah Hensley is possibly my 5 or 6 times great uncle.

Zachariah Hensley left us exactly two records, so there isn’t much known about him. It should be noted that Buckingham County has lost most of its early records. Only a few remain, so research there can be difficult. He is a good example of that.

Zachariah Hensley was born before ca 1752 as he was listed as 21 and up for his 1773 tax list entry.

We don’t know where Zachariah was born, nor who his parents are for certain. However, it seems highly likely he is a son of William Hensley (c1730s-1807). The evidence for that is circumstantial, but compelling. However, the same evidence can be used to make them brothers instead. I lean toward father and son, though could be wrong.

Zachariah Henslee is listed on the 1773 personal property tax list in Buckingham in John John’s district. He is taxed for one Tithable (himself), which is free white males over 21. He is listed two names away from William Henslee, his presumed father. John Cummings was listed between them. We don’t know if the tax collector visited the tax payers at their homes census style, or if he set up a central location for them to come to and pay. If the former, that shows William and Zachariah Hensley were neighbors, if the latter, they paid their taxes nearly back to back, so that’s still of interest. (Crouse, Randy F. McNew, "Personal Property Tax Lists of Buckingham County, Virginia 1764-1792", 2017.).

The above record shows that Zachariah was 21 years old, or older, in 1773, thus born ca 1752 or before.

Zachariah Henslee is listed on the 1774 personal property tax list in Buckingham in John John’s district again. He is taxed for one Tithable (himself), which is free white males over 21. William Henslee is again listed two names away. This time James Southern was listed between them. (Crouse, Randy F. McNew, "Personal Property Tax Lists of Buckingham County, Virginia 1764-1792", 2017.).

No other records have yet been found for Zachariah Hensley in Buckingham. The next tax list was dated 1782 and he wasn’t on that one. It’s possible he was dead by then, or perhaps had just left the county for parts unknown.

Why do I believe Zachariah is William’s son? For one thing, they were “neighbors” per the 1773 and 1774 tax lists. That proves they were related, in my opinion, but doesn’t prove father and son. William’s proven son, Fielding Hensley (c1761/1763), named his oldest son Zachariah Hensley, which makes sense if Zachariah was his deceased older brother. Of course it also works if Zachariah was his deceased uncle! Regardless, I’m sticking with Zachariah being William’s son until other evidence comes to light to clarify their relationship.

Since no one has yet discovered Zachariah elsewhere after 1774, I’m going to presume that he died before 1782, in Buckingham Co., VA, or perhaps in Washington Co., VA where some of his kin moved around that time.

Did Zachariah marry and have children before he died? The lack of evidence makes this subject highly speculative.

There is an apparent widow, Agnes Hensley (c1763), associated with William’s children in Washington Co., VA. She was widowed by 1783, so that works well for her to be Zachariah’s wife. However, as noted above, this is speculation, not to be taken as fact. Having her be Zachariah’s widow does help explain some things. Of course it’s just as possible she was the widow of some other Hensley or a single woman. See her own page for more on her.


We don’t now if Zachariah ever had any children. If Agnes Hensley (c1763) is his widow, they probably married no earlier than ca 1779, and he died prior to 1782, so that wasn’t time for many children. See Agnes’s page for information on her potential children.

For Family Group Sheet and other notes see my database page for Zachariah Hensley.

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