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Stewart / Stuart Genealogy - NC, TN, GA

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Welcome to my Stewart / Stuart genealogy pages. I am interested in the Stewart surname in several counties primarily in western NC, eastern TN and northern GA.

Stewart was the 54th most common surname in the United States in 2000. By 2010 it had dropped to 61st. Stuart was the 883rd most common surname in the US in 2000. By 2010 it was 951st.

My earliest known Stewart ancestors are John and Maryann Stewart. I descend from them three different ways.

Line I - Via the Gilbert Family

Line II - Via the Henderson Family

Line III - Via the Waters Family

Line I - My three times great grandmother, Mary Stewart, was born 1820 in Haywood Co., NC. She married 1st to James S. Chandler in 1835 in Haywood. He died in 1837. She married 2nd by 1853 to Joshua Gilbert probably in Union Co., GA. She died there in the 1860s. He in the 1880s. Her parents:

Noah Stewart, born ca 1786 in Mecklenburg (now Cabarrus) Co., NC. He moved with his parents to Buncombe Co., NC after 1800. They lived in both Buncombe and it’s child county, Haywood (formed 1808 from Buncombe). Noah married Nancy Dillard? ca 1805. They remained in Haywood until the 1840s when they moved to Union Co., GA where Nancy died in 1880, he in 1881. His parents:

John Stewart / Stuart, born 1730/1740, place unknown. He married Mary Ann — ca 1770, place unknown. It’s possible she wasn’t his first wife, but records in her own name can be found as far back as 1814. They lived in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Co., NC (and possibly Guilford Co., NC before that), before moving to Buncombe Co., NC before 1803. They were members of the Newfound Baptist Church there. They moved to Macon Co., NC in the 1820s where John died in July 1830. They were members of the First Baptist Church there. Mary Ann died in Macon sometime after Jan 1842. John Stewart’s parents aren’t known.

Line II - My three times great grandmother, Margaret Emaline Stewart, was born 1835 in Buncombe Co., NC. She moved with her parents to Union Co., GA in the 1840s where she married Thomas M. Henderson in 1857. They remained in Union until their deaths, he in 1909, she in the 1910s. Her parents:

John Stewart was born ca 1807 in Buncombe or Haywood Co., NC. He married Ruth Tutt ca 1831 in Buncombe. They remained there until ca 1841 when they moved to Union Co., GA where they remained until the 1860s when they moved to Polk Co., TN. Ruth died either before or after the move for John was a widower by the 1870 census. That is the last record we have for him. His parents:

Noah Stewart, son of John Stewart. See Line I above for more on them.

Line III - My third Stewart line begins with my five times great grandmother, Emelia Stewart, born ca 1770/75 possibly in Mecklenburg Co., NC. She married Michael Waters in the early 1790s in Cabarrus Co., NC. They lived in both Cabarrus and Mecklenburg during the 1800 to 1815 period, then were in Haywood Co., NC by 1820, and Macon Co., NC after that. Michael died in Macon ca 1838, and Emelia in the 1840's. Her parents:

John Stewart and Mary Ann —. See Line I above for more on them.

Revised: February 17, 2023

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