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I (Marty Grant) don't know how (or if) I'm related to the John Turner family, but I am very interested in him though.

Special thanks to Billy Higgins for data shared on this family. Without his help, I would probably have never noticed this family, for I have found no records of him in Marion County, SC.  Billy found Martin and James Turner in Izard Co, AR associated with his ancestor Peter Calder. All of them were originally from Marion Co, SC as proven by their War of 1812 records, and all were "Free Colored" per the census records. He also told me about John Turner who was there in 1850 in the same community where Martin and James had lived. When he first contacted me about them, I immediately realized they were probably part of the John and Patience Turner family.

John Turner was born ca 1804/05 (per the 1850 census) in South Carolina (per 1850 census). I've assumed that he was born in Marion District, South Carolina, for it seems very likely that he was of the same Turner family as Martin Turner (c1790) and James Turner (c1796) who preceded him to the area. It can't be a coincidence that he arrived and settled in the exact same place as Martin and James Turner. He must be their brother or cousin or nephew.

I don't know who John's parents were, but he is closely connected with Martin Turner (c1790) and James Turner (c1796). A natural assumption would be that they are his brothers, but I have a theory that John is not their brother at all, but a first cousin. I base this on the two oldest children of John Turner being named "William" and "Catherine". This makes me think he is a son of William Turner (c1768) and Catherine Martin. They did have an unidentified son John's age. John's next child was named "Mary", who could have been named for his stepmother Mary. His next child was "Alva" and John had a brother-in-law named "Alva" and this not does not appear elsewhere in the Turner family as far as I know. It is all circumstantial, but it does make a lot of sense to place John with William and Catherine's family. Martin and James are likely sons of Reuben Turner (1760/65) and Dorothy Martin, so if it turns out John is their brother, then they are his parents as well.

For the 1810 census, John would have been about 5 years old, so he should be enumerated in the "under 10" age group. Reuben Turner (1760/65) had two apparent sons that age with him in 1810. John Turner (1760/70) was "missing" in 1810, so I don't know if he had any sons that age or not. William Turner (1768) had two apparent sons that age.

In 1820, John would have been about 15 years old, so he should have been enumerated in the age 10-15 category (1804/10). James and Martin had already moved to Arkansas by then and it is certainly possible that John had gone with them. However, back in Marion Dist, SC, John Turner (1760/70) had two apparent sons his age; Martha Turner (1784/90) had one; Reuben Turner (1760/65) had two sons that age and William Turner (c1768) had one.

By 1830, John would have been about 25 years old.  I don't know when he moved to Arkansas, but a check of the Marion Dist, SC census shows that John was not listed as a head of household there, nor was he in Izard Co, AR that year. This means he was still at home with his parents or living with some other family member. None of the Turners in Marion SC had anyone his age with them, except for Nathaniel Turner (1780/90) who is still unidentified.

By 1840, John was definitely in Arkansas.

John Turner married Margaret --- before 1840, presumably in Marion County, Arkansas. Margaret was born ca 1815/16 in Tennessee. I don't know her maiden name.

John Turner was listed on the 1840 census in Marion County, Arkansas. He was next door to probable relative Peter Calder (a constant neighbor to Martin and James Turner, and also from Marion Co, SC). John Turner and family were all listed in the "Free Colored" columns.

1840 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1840 Marion Co, AR pg 45 John Turner 0000000000000-0000000000000-FPC=101000-001000
1 FC Male(s) 24-35     (1803-1815)	John TURNER (1805/06)
1 FC Male(s) 0-9       (1830-1840)	William TURNER (1840)
1 FC Female(s) 24-35   (1803-1815)	Margaret  Turner (1815/16) wife

John Turner was listed on the 1850 census in Marion County, Arkansas. He was near Peter Calder, and several apparently orphaned Turners, possibly belonging to James and Martin who seemed to have died before then.

1850 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1850 MARION CO, AR Page 316   House/Family #   98/  99  -  Twp

TURNER JOHN           45 M M FARMER                 800 SC                   1804/1805
TURNER MARGARET       34 F M                            TN                   1815/1816
TURNER WILLIAM         9 M M                            AR                   1840/1841
TURNER CATHARINE       7 F M                            AR                   1842/1843
TURNER MARY JANE       5 F M                            AR                   1844/1845
TURNER ALVA            3 F M                            AR                   1846/1847
TURNER JOEL            1 M M                            AR                   1848/1849

I did not find them on the 1860 census. They were not listed on the index for Marion County, Arkansas.


John and Margaret had several children. I have no additional data on them at present.

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1. John1 Turner , born 1804/05 in Marion Dist, SC; died aft 1850 in Marion Co, AR, son of (---) Turner .  He married bef 1840 in Marion Co, AR Margaret (---) , born 1815/16 in TN.


      Children of John Turner and Margaret (---) were as follows:

      2          i      William2 Turner , born 1840/41 in Marion Co, AR.

      3          ii      Catherine2 Turner , born 1842/43 in Marion Co, AR.

      4          iii      Mary Jane2 Turner , born 1844/45 in Marion Co, AR.

      5          iv      Alva2 Turner , born 1846/47 in Marion Co, AR.

      6          v      Joel2 Turner , born 1848/49 in Marion Co, AR. Home > Genealogy > Turner > Families > John