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Hensley Census Records - 1791 Kentucky “Census” of Hensleys

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The loss of the 1790 and 1800 census for Kentucky is a tragic loss to researchers. However, yearly personal property tax lists for this era exist and can be used as veritable year by year census.

Until recently these records were only available on microfilm, not counting the few that had been abstracted and published here and there. Now, many of these are available free of charge online via Using this resource I’ve been able to create a year by year “census” of Hensleys in Kentucky counties from the mid 1780s through 1800.

There is no statewide index, nor are any of the counties indexed, so it required a lot of reading on my part to locate the Hensley entries. I read every county that existed each year through 1800. As expected, many had no Hensleys at all. However, some did have Hensleys.

If I searched a county and found no Hensleys listed that year I’ll state that below.

In the table below I'll include the tax list data using the original spellings. The last column will be comments or a link to the web page for that family or person. Please report any errors or omissions.

Bourbon Co., KY - No Hensleys

Fayette Co., KY

1791 List A


Blacks 12+ /-12




9 Jonathan Hansley





Jonathan Hensley (bef 1770-aft 1818) s/o Richardson.

9 Richeson Hansley





Richardson Hensley (bef 1755-1823) s/o George

9 James Hansley





James Hensley (bef 1768) s/o George?

9 George Hansley





George Hensley (bef 1751-1813) s/o George

9 Gabriel Hansley





Gabriel Hensley (1765/70-1821), s/o George?

9 Saml Hansley





Samuel Hensley (bef 1770-aft 1800), s/o George (1751)?

* The number in front of the name indicates the Captain’s district they were in. However, there was no key indicating who the numbers represented.






Jefferson Co., KY - No Hensleys

Lincoln Co., KY - No Hensleys

Madison Co., KY - No Hensleys

Mason Co., KY - No Hensleys

Mercer Co., KY - 1791 Missing

Nelson Co., KY - No Hensleys

Woodford Co., KY - No Hensleys

Revised: October 16, 2021

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