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Benjamin Hensley’s of Virginia in the 1700's - Differentiation

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There were a considerable number of Benjamin Hensley’s in Virginia born prior to 1800. This page is my attempt to sort them out and catalog them. See their own pages for more details. If I’ve left any out please let me know.

They are sorted oldest to youngest.


1.         Benjamin Hensley (c1650-1700) and wife Beatrice — of Rappahannock and Richmond Co., VA.


2.         Benjamin Hensley (c1687-c1728) and wife Elizabeth --- of Richmond and King George Co., VA.


3.         Benjamin Hensley (c1706-c1765) and wife Elizabeth Hickman of King George, Spotsylvania, Orange, Louisa and Bedford Co., VA.


4.         Benjamin Hensley (c1732-aft 1779) and Elizabeth — of Louisa, Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry Co., VA and Rowan and Surry Co., NC.


5.         Benjamin Hensley (c1730s-1788) and wife Elizabeth Landers and Susanna, of Louisa and Albemarle Co., VA.


6.         Benjamin (c1740s-aft 1789) Of Washington and Montgomery Co., VA and perhaps St. Louis, MO 1812.


7.         Benjamin Hensley (bef 1755-1820s) of Pittsylvania Co., VA, Greenville Dist., SC and Buncombe (now Henderson) Co., NC.


8.         Benjamin Hensley (c1750-aft 1815) of Henry Co., VA, Rowan, Surry, Burke and McDowell Co., NC.


9.         Benjamin Hensley (c1764-1840s) of Bedford Co., VA son of Samuel & Lilian.


10.       Benjamin Hensley (c1770s?-1827) of VA (Culpeper?) and Clay Co., MO. Son of Samuel & Frances.


11.       Benjamin Hensley (c1775/94) of Caswell Co., NC. Son of John & Rachel.


12.       Benjamin Hensley (c1776-1850s) of Culpeper and Washington Co., VA, Montgomery Co., KY and Lawrence Co., IN. Son of Joseph & Jane.


13.       Benjamin Hensley (c1776-aft 1850) and wife Elizabeth of Burke and McDowell Co., NC, Monroe Co., TN and Union Co., GA. Son of Benjamin (bef 1755)?


14.       Benjamin Hensley (1780-1849) and wife Prudence Culbertson of KY and IN. son of William Hensley and Mary Delaney.


15.       Benjamin Hensley (c1782-aft 1860) of Albemarle, Amherst, Buckingham and Nelson Co., VA, Kanawha, Putnam Co., VA (WV). Son of William & Elizabeth.


16.       Benjamin Hensley (1780s-aft 1830) of Perry Co., TN. Don’t know if he is from VA or not.


17.       Benjamin Hensley (c1790-1875) of Rockingham Co., VA.


18.       Benjamin Hensley (c1791-aft 1860) of VA, Wayne Co., TN and Ouachita Co., AR.


19.       Benjamin Hensley (c1793-1860s) of Buncombe and Yancey Co., NC and Washington and Unicoi Co., TN. Son of Henry & Barbara.


20.       Benjamin Hensley (c1795-1870s) of Scott Co., VA, Sullivan and Greene Co., TN. Son of Isham/Isam/Isom Hensley.


21.       Benjamin Hensley (c1797-1878) of Grainger and Roane Co., TN. Son of Robert.

Revised: November 28, 2021

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