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I (Marty Grant) am not related to Silas A. Hensley as far as I know.

Silas A. Hensley was born ca 1815/16 in Buncombe (now Yancey) Co, NC.

I have no strong evidence as to who Silas' parents were. There are several suspects, but not enough proof for or against any of them.

Silas would have been home with his parents for the 1820 census, age under 10 (born ca 1810/20), and with them in 1830, in the age 10-14 (born  ca 1815/20) category, or possibly in the 10-15 (ca 1810/15) category.

Using the above as a criteria, I find the following Hensley's of 1820 Buncombe Co, NC as suspects: James Hensley (c1780), John Hensley, Benjamin Hensley (c1790), Berry Hensley (c1783), and Henry "Harry" Hensley Sr (bef 1755). All five of these had at least one apparent male child in the "under 10" age group, or born ca 1810/20. Presumably, one of these is Silas A. Hensley.

In 1830 Buncombe Co, NC census, the list of suspects grows a little bit: Lewis Hensley (c1784/90), James Hensley (c1780), Berry Hensley (c1783), William A. Hensley (c1798), Henry Hensley (c1781), Colbert Hensley (c1760/65), and Hickman M. Hensley (c1804). Several of these can be eliminated due to the sons in the 10-14 age group (ca 1815/20) already being accounted for. This eliminates Lewis Hensley and James Hensley. Hickman and William were too young to be Silas' parents, but they both apparently had several siblings residing with them in 1830. Henry can be eliminated, I believe. That leaves Berry Hensley, William A. Hensley, Colbert Hensley and Hickman M. Hensley as possible households where Silas might be in 1830. That is still a fairly large list. Since those residing with Hickman are probably his siblings (and children of Colbert), then we can remove Hickman as a possible parent. The same with William A. Hensley, as his siblings (all children of Henry Sr) were with him in 1830. That leaves Berry (c1783), Colbert (c1760/65) and Henry Hensley Sr (bef 1755) as possible suspects for Silas' father.

Since this is not strong evidence, we can't really rule out any possibility.

Silas A. Hensley married Charlotte Briggs between ca 1830 and ca 1836 in Yancey Co, NC. Her maiden name is unproven, as far as I know. However, in 1860, a widow Dolly Briggs was with the family, and in 1870 also. She might be Charlotte's mother.

Silas A. Hensley was listed on the 1840 census in Yancey County near several other Hensleys. He was next door to G. W. Hensley and William Wilson. Jesse Hensley, Bannister Hensley and William A. Hensley were not too far away either.

1840 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1840 Yancey County, NC pg 258 Silas A. Hensley 1010100000000-2000100000000
1 Male(s) 20-29        (1810-1820)	Silas A. HENSLEY (1815/16) s/o ?
1 Male(s) 10-14        (1825-1830)	Son? Brother? (1825/30)
1 Male(s) 0-4          (1835-1840)	John E. HENSLEY (1835/36) son
1 Female(s) 20-29      (1810-1820)	Charlotte BRIGGS Hensley (1816/17) wife
2 Female(s) 0-4        (1835-1840)	Emily J. HENSLEY (1837/38) Daughter
					Martha A. HENSLEY (1838/39) Daughter

Silas A. Hensley and family were listed on the 1850 census in Yancey County. They were next door to Fielding Hensley and William Cooper. Several other Hensleys were within a few households. Henry Hensley was about 7 houses away. Bannister Hensley was 7 houses away in the other direction.

1850 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1850 YANCEY CO, NC Page 445   House/Family #  864/ 904

HENSLEY SILAS A       34 M W FARMER                 400 NC                   1815/1816
HENSLEY JOHN          14 M W                            NC                   1835/1836
HENSLEY WILLIAM G      6 M W                            NC                   1843/1844
HENSLEY HOWELL M       4 M W                            NC                   1845/1846
HENSLEY CHARLOTTE     33 F W                            NC                   1816/1817
HENSLEY EMILY J       12 F W                            NC                   1837/1838
HENSLEY MARTHA A      11 F W                            NC                   1838/1839
HENSLEY ELVIRA         8 F W                            NC                   1841/1842
HENSLEY SARAH E        4 F W                            NC                   1845/1846
HENSLEY MARIA          1 F W                            NC                   1848/1849

Silas A. Hensley died sometime between 1850 and April 26th 1853 in Yancey Co, NC. For on that latter date, a Court order was made naming Charlotte Hensley as Administrator of the estate of her late husband Silas A. Hensley, deceased. (Thanks to Sandra Fender for sharing that record).

Charlotte was listed as head of household on the 1860 census in Yancey Co, NC. An apparent widow named Dolley Briggs was residing with them. This must be Charlotte's mother.

1860 census abstract: (Explanation of this census)
(Note: The dates at the end of each line are not part of the original census, but are approximate birth years based on age)
1860 YANCEY CO, NC Page 857   House/Family #  801/ 801 --  Twp  EGYPT P.O.

HENSLEY CHARLOTTE     41 F W                    300   179 NC                   1818/1819
HENSLEY LEANAR E      17 F W                              NC                   1842/1843
HENSLEY WILLIAM G     15 M W FARMER                       NC                   1844/1845
HENSLEY SARAH E       14 F W (twin)                       NC                   1845/1846
HENSLEY HOWELL M      14 M W (twin)                       NC                   1845/1846
HENSLEY VICEY M       11 F W                              NC                   1848/1849
BRIGGS DOLLEY         75 F W                              SC                   1784/1785


Fielding Hensley was listed on the same page with Charlotte in 1860. John Hensley age 21 was also on the same page. Silas Hensley age 13 was also on the same page. I think both John and Silas were sons of Bannister Hensley who also died in 1853.

Charlotte was listed on the 1870 census in Yancey with her son Howell Hensley, and also her apparent mother "Delotha Briggs" living with them.

I did not find Charlotte in 1880.

I have not traced this family beyond this point.


Silas A. Hensley and Charlotte Briggs had eight children. For the most part I have no additional data on them.

Researcher List

Persons researching this family (click here for data on how to get on or off of this list):

Register Report

1. Silas A1 Hensley , born 1815/16 in Buncombe Co, NC (now Yancey Co, NC); died 1850/53 in Yancey Co, NC.  He married bef 1836 in Yancey Co, NC Charlotte Briggs , born 1816/17 in NC; died aft 1870 in Yancey Co, NC, daughter of (---) Briggs  and Deletha (---) .


      Children of Silas A Hensley and Charlotte Briggs were as follows:

+    2          i      John E2 Hensley , born 1835/36 in Yancey Co, NC.  He married Jane (---) .

      3          ii      Emily J2 Hensley , born 1837/38 in Yancey Co, NC.  She married on 11 Dec 1855 in Yancey Co, NC John Edwards .

      4          iii      Martha A2 Hensley , born 1839/40 in Yancey Co, NC.

      5          iv      Elvira2 Hensley , born 1841/42 in Yancey Co, NC.

      6          v      William G2 Hensley , born 1843/44 in Yancey Co, NC.

+    7          vi      Howell M2 Hensley , born 1845/46 in Yancey Co, NC.  He married (1) Lavina Phillips ; (2) Nancy Shehan .

      8          vii      Sarah E2 Hensley , born 1845/46 in Yancey Co, NC.

      9          viii      Nicy Maria2 Hensley , born 1848/49 in Yancey Co, NC.


Generation 2


2. John E2 Hensley  (Silas A1), born 1835/36 in Yancey Co, NC.  He married in 1850/58 in Yancey Co, NC Jane (---) , born 1842/43.


      Children of John E Hensley and Jane (---) were as follows:

      10         i      Silas M3 Hensley , born 1857/58 in Yancey Co, NC.



7. Howell M2 Hensley  (Silas A1), born 1845/46 in Yancey Co, NC.  He married (1) on 25 Dec 1867 in Yancey Co, NC Lavina Phillips , died 1867/70 in Yancey Co, NC; (2) on 23 Mar 1873 in Yancey Co, NC Nancy Shehan , born 1857/58 in Yancey Co, NC.


      Children of Howell M Hensley and Nancy Shehan were as follows:

      11         i      Mary J3 Hensley , born 1873/74 in Yancey Co, NC.

      12         ii      William G3 Hensley , born 1874/75 in Yancey Co, NC.

      13         iii      Sarah C3 Hensley , born 1876/77 in Yancey Co, NC.

      14         iv      Silas M3 Hensley , born 1877/78 in Yancey Co, NC. Home > Genealogy > Hensley > Families > Silas