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William Hensley’s of Virginia before 1800 - Differentiation

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There were a considerable number of William Hensley’s in Virginia born prior to 1800. This page is my attempt to sort them out and catalog them. See their own pages for more details. If I’ve left any out please let me know.

They are sorted oldest to youngest.


1.         William Hensley (1612-1654) of Accomack and Northampton Co., VA.


2.         William Hensley (c1650-aft 1708) of Rappahannock and Richmond Co., VA.


3.         William Hensley (c1690s-aft 1764) and wife Jane Coyne of King George, Spotsylvania, and Orange Co., VA. Proven son of Samuel (d 1735). William was married at least twice, with Jane being his last wife.


4.         William Hensley (c1706-1777) and wife1, wife2, and Elizabeth, of King George and Culpeper Co., VA. Probable son of Benjamin (d 1728) & Elizabeth.


5.         William Hensley (c1730s-aft 1807) of Buckingham, Washington and Scott Co., VA and Knox Co., TN. Probable son of William (1706-1777).


6.         William Hensley (c1730s-after 1802) of Henry and Patrick Co., VA.


7.         William Hensley (c1743-aft 1810) and wife Mary of Orange, Albemarle, Madison Co., VA. I believe he is a son of William (1690s-aft 1764).


8.         William Hensley (c1753-1807) and Mary Delaney of Culpeper Co., VA and Fayette, Woodford, Mercer and Franklin Co., KY and White Co., IL.


9.         William Hensley (c1750s-1778) of Spotsylvania Co., VA. Died in the Revolutionary War. Son of George Hensley and Sarah Richardson.


10.       William Hensley (c1761-aft 1823) and wife Elizabeth Appleberry of Albemarle and Buckingham Co., VA, and Kanawha Co., VA (WV). Son of Benjamin Hensley (died 1788).


11.       William Hensley (bef 1763-1793) of Hanover Co., VA and Caswell Co., NC. Son of Macksfield Henslee and Martha Sneed.


12.       William Hensley (bef 1765-aft 1810) of Madison Co., VA.


13.       William Hensley (c1765/84-c1818) and wife Mary of Washington Co., VA and Montgomery Co., KY.


14.       William Hensley (c1772-aft 1850) and wife Lucy of Culpeper and Washington Co., VA and Montgomery Co., KY. Son of Joseph Hensley and Jane.


15.       William Hensley (c1773-aft 1802) of Culpeper Co., VA, wife Elizabeth Corbin. Son of Enoch and Elizabeth Henslee.


16.       William Hensley (c1774-aft 1850) and wife Elizabeth Brewster of Wythe and Tazewell Co., VA and Cabell and Logan Co., VA (WV). Son of Catherine Hensley.


17.       William Hensley (c1775-aft 1850) and wife Sarah Eubank of Bedford Co., VA. Son of Samuel and Lilley Ann.


18.       William Hensley (bef 1775) and wife Martha —. No data except they were reported parents of Samuel Hensley (c1795-1862) who lived most of his life in Kanawha Co., VA (WV). Samuel born in KY.


19.       William Hensley (1780/90-1840s) and wife Nancy, son of Davis and Lydia Hensley. Of Greenville Dist., SC, Montgomery Co., KY and St. Louis and Franklin Co., MO. Might not have ever lived in Virginia.


20.       William Hensley (1784-1867) and wife Mary, of Madison, Albemarle Co., VA, and Boone Co., MO. Son of William (c1743-aft 1810) and Mary.


21.       William Hensley (c1784-1867) and wife Mary, of Albemarle and Fluvanna Co., VA and Boone Co., MO.


22.       William D. Hensley (c1784-1850s) and wife Elizabeth Wilson of Franklin Co., KY and White Co., IL.


23.       William Hensley (c1785-aft 1870) and wife Nancy Gardner, son of Hickman Hensley and Agnes Fisher. Born in NC, then to TN. His father lived in Washington Co., VA briefly, so William probably did as well, though as a small child.


24.       William Hensley (c1788-aft 1870) and wife Lydia. Of Albemarle and Buckingham Co., VA, Kanawha Co. VA (WV) and St. Louis and Jefferson Co., MO. Son of William Hensley and Elizabeth Appleberry.


25.       William Henslee (c1788-aft 1860) and wife Mary M. Pleasant of Caswell Co., NC, son of John Henslee and Rachel Cantrell. William was born in NC, so probably never in Virginia.


26.       William Hensley (c1790-after 1815) of Washington Co., VA and Hopkins Co., KY, son of Robert Hensley and Eleanor Covington.


27.       William Livingston Hensley (1796-aft 1833) and wife Mary Harrington of Howard and Clay Co., MO. Son of Samuel and Frances Hensley of Culpeper? Co., VA.


28.       William Hensley (c1797-aft 1880) and wife Barbara Wolf of Washington and Sullivan Co., TN. He was born in Virginia, county unknown.


29.       William Hensley (c1797-aft 1870) and Elizabeth Magee of Scott and Lee Co., VA, and Buchanan Co., MO.


30.       William A. Hensley (1798-1889) and wife Lucinda Huggins of NC and TN, son of Henry “Harry” Hensley and Barbara Angel. Probably never lived in VA.

Revised: February 3, 2022

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